Top 11 Free Unblocked Music Sites At School / Colleges 2018

Free Unblocked Music Sites At School: School administration or other formal organization spends a lot in inculcating discipline and accountability among the members of its organization by curbing certain leisure activities. While it may do more harm than good, it is the prerogative of the administration to decide what suits it better. But for the modern netizens like us, we know the exact way to hack into the administration’s network firewall to access the restricted content. In this case, it is the music streaming websites at School.

Ways to Access Unblocked Music At School

The restricted network content is blocked for general by a custom-designed network firewall. In order to breach such a firewall, you may make use of any of mentioned two methods. No expertise is required to access unblocked music sites. Here are different ways to access Unblocked Music at School

way to access unblocked music sites at school

  1. Using Proxy Websites

The market is flooded with free proxy sites to bypass the administrator’s firewall. A quick search on it will make you essentially land on the best free network proxy. It is advised to download an application from a trusted source. Installing the downloaded application and following the on-screen instruction will essentially help you bypass the admin firewall.

  1. Using Google Translate

This method may seem weird at the very first beginning, but the logic is simple. It is a common practice among School administrators to block specific words such as music, etc. in their firewall. Therefore, by translating the desired music site’s URL to some other language, you may essentially bypass the firewall.

Top 11 Free Unblocked Music Sites

Top 11 Free Unblocked Music Sites

The given music streaming websites are carefully picked keeping in mind the low success rate in breaching the admin firewall. However, it is certain that at least one website mentioned in the list would bypass your admin firewall and provide you with the desired service.

  1. Raaga

Raaga is a music streaming website targeting the Indian audience. It features songs from various Indian Languages such as Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Bengali, Punjabi. The vast collection of regional songs makes Raaga special. Apart from website support, it is available free on Android devices.

  1. Spotify

Spotify is unblocked music streaming web-based platform that is widely popular globally. Check Spotify houses a great collection of songs in all genres of music. The playback quality is incredible with low data usage support. The application is available on desktop sites as well as mobile applications and provides ad-free unblocked music with offline sync feature.

  1. Pandora

As the name suggests, Pandora is unlimited music streaming website that allows free access to unblocked music. Due to popularity, there is also a high chance of it being blocked by your network administrator at the school. However, you can bypass the firewall settings using the above-mentioned methods and listen to unblocked music at will. The best feature is its music recommendation that is based on your music preferences and music search history.

  1. Soundcloud

Soundcloud is a popular music streaming website among the budding music composers. The website also offers unblocked music to listen at school. Some of the top features are music creation, music upload, music stream. You can listen to new sounds, popular sounds from famous artists and subsequently cover versions of the same by amateur artists. All the services provided are free.


The list of top 11 free unblocked music sites can be justified without mentioning There are high chances of it getting blocked by your school network administrator. The website is easily navigable and you may find new album releases, top music charts from genres such as rock, pop, trance, hard rock, etc. visible right on the home page.

  1. PureVolume

PureVolume is much similar to Soundcloud. It lets the aspiring artist in you to record and upload original content on a global platform. This has contributed to the growth of its database which is now offering a great collection of soundtracks in different genres. Along with music streaming support, PureVolume also offers offline sync. You can navigate and listen to unblocked music without the sign-in option. But a legitimate account is needed to access additional services like creating a playlist and much more.

  1. Hulkshare

Hulkshare is interesting in more than one way. While it offers you to listen to unblocked music at school for free, it also allows you to socialize with the online music community easily. In short, Hulkshare is a music social network site that is growing rapidly. You can explore a vast collection of music and organize music tracks according to your taste and preference.Being a social networking site also, it allows you to connect with the people having a similar taste in music. The hot searches tab shows the latest hit music tracks in all genres. The best part of this web application is that it requires no registration and music streaming is absolutely free.

  1. Grooveshark

Grooveshark is a free music streaming website. It offers unlimited music streaming at school. The popular section shows the latest hit music tracks. You can also organize music tracks based on your preferences. Apart from desktop website support, Grooveshark is also available on Android devices.

  1. Bluebeat

Bluebeat is a great website for unblocked and high-quality music streaming for free. The stream quality is so advanced that it is difficult to find such high-quality audio streaming elsewhere. Bluebeat is a must visit a website for listening unblocked music at school. You can also create a free account for organizing your music.

  1. PlaylistSound

Playlist Sound through its enhanced search option and inbuilt audio player offers superior playback quality with minimal data usage. It is yet another free music streaming website with a good collection of latest audio tracks. The best part is that you may continue to stream unblocked music without creating a separate account. 

  1. is different from music streaming websites because it is a radio streaming site. With access to over 200 channels, the collection of music is vast. There are two versions of Free version and Premium version. It is obvious that the services in premium version would include additional cool features but the streaming of music is unlimited in both the versions. You will have to create a user account before using any of its services.

The list of Top 11 Free Unblocked Music Sites is not exhaustible, and you may choose the website that is able to bypass your administrator’s firewall. There may also be a case where none of the mentioned unblocked music sites would bypass the firewall. In that case, you would either have to employ an advanced method to breach the administrator’s firewall or look for another alternative.

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