10+ Genuine Online Data Entry Jobs from Home without Investment

The most well-known online data entry jobs from home are listed here. Nowadays no one wants to sit idle. Whether a housewife or a retired person. The best part is one can do this online data entry jobs with his or her preferable time. This job provides ultimate freedom to the freelancer.

This is a freelance job, which means the freelancers can work with their preferable time and preferable shift. He or she can take any leave depending on his or her satiations and work pattern at home. This is very easy work with flexible time and a handful of income. This is some extra income for their family and which can be earned by staying at home.

Everyone has a computer in his or her home. By using that computer and one can convert his or her free time as working time for a handful of good income. This online data entry jobs from home are the simplest way to earn money sitting at home. A housewife, a college student or a retired person anybody can do these jobs. Sitting at home and working in very comfortable situations. Here is a list of Online Jobs for College Students, you can also check them.

This job does not need high qualification. This is the easiest job. This is not a highly skilled or technical job. Attention and concentrations are the two most important things in this job. One needs to work with many numeric figures and words. So concentration is very much important to keep the numeric figures and words same and accurate. This online data entry job without any investment jobs. There are many types of online data entry jobs are available. Two most important segments are:

  • Online data entry jobs
  • Offline data entry jobs

Depending on the needs and preference one can select any these two segments. Ana can start working easily with a good amount of extra income.

Best Online Data Entry Jobs are Discussed Below

Best Online Data Entry Jobs without Investment
Best Online Data Entry Jobs without Investment

Simple Data Entry Jobs

This is a basic typing job. The freelancer needs to simply type data in Microsoft word or notepad. He or she must have a good typing speed like minimum 30 WPS (word per second). This job is very easy because one needs to type simple and very common English words. The freelancers will be provided with some documents like forms, images, books, etc. The freelancer needs to type all that information in Microsoft word, notepad or any other software provided by the company. The Company Decides the writing pattern. The freelancers need to follow the pattern only. There are many online data entry jobs without investment. One can start it from today only.

Filling Online Survey Forms

Filling Online Survey Forms
Filling Online Survey Forms

This is an online job. It is very easy also. These kinds of data entry jobs are easily available and help in earning some extra. All the big companies go to market research surveys before launching any product in the market. This is a very safe way to understand the market situation and customers’ feedback also before launching any new product. Launching a new product is linked to huge investment. So to make it perfect and the profitable company goes for market research. So they get proper information about the market and the customers.

Market research firms do the research work for the different companies. These firms have a huge database of the target audience like many of us. A freelancer can join these market research companies and their online research sites. They can do data entry jobs online and can provide feedback. Forms are available on the sites and freelancers can fill the forms with their valuable feedbacks. They will be paid for each and every form filling. A wide range of work is available in this segment.

Captcha Entry Job

This is a process by which one company can understand whether the individual is a robot or not.  Captcha is an image which is only read by the human, not the robots. There are many companies in the market, which want to create a different account to different sites. In these cases, they need a freelancer to solve a captcha for them. So that they can create a different account on different sites.  These people are called captcha entry worker. This is a kind of data entry jobs online.

These captcha entry workers help the companies to open different sites to different websites. When someone makes himself or herself enlisted in the captcha, he needs to solve at least 100 captchas at a time.And for this work, he or she will be paid RS 100 for solving 1000 captcha. There are many companies those who are paying money for solving the captcha, but few of them are good. So before starting the job, one should be very careful about selecting the company to work with. This can be best online data entry jobs from home.

Form Filling Job

Form Filling Job
Form Filling Job

In this type of data entry job, freelancers will be provided with many forms and a huge amount of data at a time. The job of the freelancer will be to go through the forms and the data very carefully and to fill the form appropriately. Before submitting, you should check each and every column and field very carefully. After filling every detail, you should submit them online. This process takes 2 to 3 minutes. Depending on the company’s profile payment varies from Rs10 to Rs 50 per form.

Type Image as Text

In this job, freelancers need to convert the image into a text body in the Microsoft word.

Reformatting Data

In this process, all the data which are provided by the company should be portrayed in a simple manner. This is the simple data entry jobs.

Changing Audio File into a Text File  

Another simple data entry job.A freelancer needs to change the audio file into a text format file. In this job, one needs to hear the audio carefully and should replicate in words. This needs good listening power and good English vocabulary.

Conclusion on Online Data Entry Jobs from Home

All these jobs are online data entry jobs without investment. Wide ranges of data entry jobs are available in the market. Those who are interested in doing this kind of job should find out the perfect one for him or her. It’s a very good opportunity to earn some extra money while sitting at home.

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