MacBook Pro Battery Not Charging. How to fix it?

In this article, we’ll talk about the step-by-step process to fix your Macbook Pro battery not charging. Some users might have experienced issues related to the charging of MacBook Pro batteries. Such things are often encountered by the Mac users wherein they connect their Mac to the charger, but it doesn’t show any signs of charging. Such problems are common and can be easily handled by undergoing various procedures.

Why My MacBook Pro Won’t Charge?

top methods to fix MacBook Pro Battery Not Charging

Your MacBook might not charge even when connected to a charger. The following are the possibilities which can result in such common issues:

  • Excessive heating
  • Improper settings
  • The critical condition of the battery
  • Problems related to hardware
  • Connection issues

If your MacBook Pro battery is not charging, here are some of the most efficient methods which you can follow to avoid this problem:

Inspection of Hardware

The most fundamental cause of the Macbook battery not charging can be faults or damages on the power cable. Therefore, make sure to properly inspect and check for any possible damage spots on the power cable. Make sure you observe minutely to the cable. In case any damage is seen, that can be the reason.

The second most important thing under this method is to check for the ports through which charging takes place. There is a high chance that it could have been affected by the presence of dust particles. Therefore, make sure you remove all such particles and keep them free from dust.

Another basic step you could take is to check for the socket if it well connected. You could also try using another socket to ensure that there were no issues previously.

An important tip to be remembered is to make sure that you work Upon such things safely and ensure proper safety.

 Reboot MacBook

Talking about MacBook not charging? It can be caused due to the improper functioning of the major applications that look after the working of the charging process. Sometimes such apps tend to freeze, thereby hindering the charging process. In such a case, merely rebooting your MacBook would fix this problem.

  • Firstly, click on the Apple logo present at the top of your screen.
  • Select the Restart option.
  • Wait until the rebooting of your Mac takes place and later try to charge your MacBook.

By following these simple steps, you can now quickly charge your MacBook without any trouble and worries.

Check Your Battery Health

You need to constantly keep track of your battery life since it has a significant role to play in such kinds of problems. Extensive use of battery over a period of time can deteriorate its capacity and can also result in the breakdown of your Mac. Therefore, when you notice that your MacBook Pro Battery Not Charging anymore, make sure to check for the battery health of your Mac.

  • By pressing and holding the Alt key, and by clicking on to the battery icon shown in the Menu bar, you can easily view the current status of your battery.

This status of the battery is classified into four efficient categories, namely:

  • Normal state: The state wherein your battery is functioning normally.
  • Replace soon state: The state wherein the battery functions moderately though it has less charging as compared to the previous state and hence needs to be replaced.
  • Replace now state: This state is a high alert indication that you need to replace the battery as soon as possible since it is in a critical state.
  • Service battery state: This state indicates that any further delay in replacement of battery can result in the damage to your MacBook.

Reset SMC

SMC is an abbreviation for the System Management controller. Its primary function is to check for the battery condition and associated tasks. So, if your MacBook as some problem in charging, you could reset this SMC. The procedure for this is to be taken up based on what kind of battery your MacBook supports (removable or non-removable).

In case of non-removable batteries which are compatible with most of the MacBook Pro versions, the following steps are to be followed:

  • Firstly, make sure you shut down your MacBook.
  • Hold on to shift, control, and power buttons simultaneously for few seconds and later release those keys.
  • Finally, turn on your MacBook.

Cool Your MacBook

Your MacBook is provided with a unique feature wherein if the temperature sensors detect excessive heat, then it tends to shut the charging process to ensure proper safety of your device. So, if your MacBook has a problem regarding it’s charging, then this can also be the prime reason for it.

Simple ways in which you can cool your MacBook is to keep it away from sunlight, or you could even turn it off for a period of time until it cools down to room temperature.

Checking for Apps that Drain the Battery of MacBook Pro

Another reason due to which your MacBook Pro might face issue regarding it’s charging may be due to the presence of a couple of applications that potentially drain your MacBook battery. This is another serious problem and therefore, should be dealt with care by constantly checking on such types of apps. These apps can be found out by tools that available such as CleanMyMac X. So, when you launch this tool, you will be able to see all those apps that drain your battery drastically. Make sure you get rid of such apps as soon as possible, or they can damage the battery life of your MacBook.

Still, MacBook Pro Battery Not Charging – Contact Technical Support.

These are some of the most effective tips that could help all those Mac users who face such problems in their everyday life. With such various techniques put into action, you can easily resolve your issue. If, by chance, the problem persists even after going through the above procedures, make sure that you contact the Apple Store or customer service for better advice regarding the actual cause. Since they are professional and technical experts, it would be a better idea to look forward to them.

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