How To View Private Instagram Profiles

This article is about how to see someone’s private Instagram profile. Instagram is an exciting social platform wherein the user gets to share photos, videos, etc. through stories or posts to your follower’s list. This application not only helps you convey your ideas, memories and your current location but also has features wherein you can choose to keep your account private or public.

Private Instagram accounts help in maintaining the privacy of their images only limiting to a certain group of people who are your followers. Ever wondered if the question of how to view private Instagram Profiles in a hassle-free mode?

In this guide, we will read about all the essential points of viewing private Instagram accounts by following some easy tips. So, let’s get started!

How To View Private Instagram Profiles

Difference Between Public And Private Instagram Accounts

Keeping your Instagram account public or private solely depends on why you are actually using your account and what you expect from the application.  It is also in some way a reflection of your nature, whether you are an outgoing person or whether you like to keep things within yourself, as in private.

Sometimes, we like to keep our personal lives separate from our professional lives and situations like these wherein people belonging to both these areas are present in your followers list it becomes tough to decide whether or not to share certain things publicly. This issue can be tackled by simply understanding the reasons why actually you need to keep the public or a private account.

The profile should be made public only if:

  • You have set up a business or if you are a part of any endorsements of any brand then keeping your profile public can ensure you with lots of benefits interns of customers.
  • If you are a well-known celebrity, a known personality or a kind of an influencer whom people look up to then this public account ensures you with best interaction with fans and also to get good response for your work.
  • You have absolutely no issues with sharing your personal life with people around the world.

The profile should be made private only if:

  • Most of the times you avoid being the spotlight.
  • You are a person who avoids attracting much attention or publicity and likes to keep their contents confidential.
  • If you are not a part of the race of gaining maximum followers

If your account is private, only your followers will be able to your account while others won’t have any sort of access to it.

Understand The Privacy Settings Of Instagram

Instagram provides you with the amazing feature of either keeping your account public or private depending upon your personal choice. If you do not want others who aren’t included in your follower’s list to see your posts and what’s going on in your life, you can simply change the settings of your instagram account to private which means that no one else other than you’d followers can have access to the contents you post on your profile.

How To Make Your Instagram Profile Private?

Here are the following steps that need to be performed for making your instagram account private:

When we join social sites such as instagram, initially we are always warned about keeping our account secure and private and also to be careful while accepting any unknown people’s follow requests. On a personal level we also as individuals have a different lifestyle apart from our professional lives and therefore find it difficult to keep these two things separate. Also, as a newbie to instagram, you might not have that much on how all this works and how you can actually go about it.

So let us see how we can actually make your Instagram profile private and save you from any embarrassment in your office or workplace.

  • Firstly, open the Instagram application on your device. In your feed, you will be able to see numerous posts either by those who are in your friend list or the posts that are put up by the pages you follow. At the bottom of your screen, you will be able to see a profile icon. Tap on it and you will be able to view your profile picture with additional options available.
  • Now click on to the settings icon and you will be able to see a list of various settings that are available such as an option to invite friends, to connect with your Facebook friends and many others.
  • After scrolling down you will find a private account option. Once you are into that option, Instagram will inform you that when you make your account private, only those in your friend list will be able to view your profile. This process takes place without affecting any of the people who are currently present in your follower’s list. If in case you want to remove any, you can simply do it by blocking them.
  • Now all you have to do is toggle the switch and make your account private. In case you change your mind in the future due to any reason, you can follow the above-mentioned steps and toggle the switch.
  • It is important to note that all the posts that you had uploaded at the time when your account was private will be visible to everyone, once you make your account public.

Way to See Someone’s Private Instagram Profile

Since instagram is a widely used social platform with people from around the world posting pictures and a lot of personal content, Instagram gives more priority to the privacy of every account for the benefit of the users. They try to block all the possible ways in which people can violate their privacy policies. Though there are a couple of applications available that are far more ahead then these privacy rules.

These apps basically ensure users to see someone’s private Instagram account. In reality, it is not exactly known on how these apps actually work. Researches show that many of these applications have been blocked due to security issues. Therefore, one should try avoiding the use of such applications. There are other websites that give you slight insights of the accounts but are also risky to be accessed to since you can be in a risk of actually downloading a virus.

How to View a Private Instagram Account?

This question arises many times when a viewer wants to view someone’s profile that is actually a private account. This type of situation is not impossible but can actually be dealt with.


Here are some few tips and tricks on how to view private Instagram:

By Sending Follow Request:

The most legitimate way of viewing any instagram profile that is private is to simply send the person a follow request. This process is irrespective of the fact that you might or might not know the person.

This process could be quick or might even take time depending upon the willingness of the person to accept your request.

Here are some few tips that can come in handy while you try to convince the user to accept your follow request:

  • Being polite: One of the few things to keep in kind while trying to connect with any user is to be kind enough to wait for the person to accept the request after sending it. Once your request is accepted, you will be able to view all the posts of that individual.
  • Direct message: Some instagram users are very particular when it comes to accepting anyone’s request, especially if they do not know the individual personally. In such situations, you can always drop in a genuine text message as to why you actually want to establish a connect with them.
  • Sending a reminder: We meet many people day to day in our lives and therefore we sometimes fail to recognize them. In such cases, it is always advisable to drop in a message in the form of a reminder of where exactly you’ll meet or how you both are familiar with each other.
  • Interaction: Instagram is all about following and being followed by people. So, if you want the person to actually take interest in your profile, make sure to have constant interaction with them.

Searching Individual Based On Username

Here are the steps on how to perform this:

  • The initial step is to open your account and search for those people who you want to find. Though their accounts could be private yet the username is always visible to anybody.
  • Now copy this and paste it in the Google Search box.
  • There are possibilities that that individual might have taken to share any posts before actually making his account private on unprotected sources like Facebook so there are chances that you might come across that data.

Creating Fake Accounts

Out of all the methods mentioned on how to see private Instagram accounts, this is the most unethical way among all. By all means, we do not encourage anyone to do this method and it should strictly be followed only on your own risk.

Here are some of the ways in which you can create fake accounts:

  • While you create a fake account, make sure to use a satisfactorily good photo and try to make your posts and account more attractive.
  • If you as a user choose to replicate a female person, try and post things that are trending and posts that are aesthetically beautiful and attractive.
  • Also, to keep fewer eyes on you, make sure to keep your account private.
  • The next step is to send a follow request to the person you would like to follow.
  • Wait for the response or else trying using a direct message technique.

Using Private Instagram Viewer Tool

Numerous websites claim that they can provide you with the feature of actually viewing the profiles which are in private mode. Such websites need to be accessed carefully and make sure that they are not the ones that in the final step ask for credit card details or to choose payment methods. There are a couple of such websites who when joined to often tend to share malicious content or viruses.

The following are the ways in which these actually work:

  • They basically start by asking you for your username.
  • The next question they ask includes whether you want to only view or also download the posts.
  • Thirdly they can also ask you for your personal details.
  • The final step is where they will direct you to that private account.

Creating A Second Instagram Account

There are few people who tend to show stalker like qualities wherein they want to view the person’s profile at any cost.  Such people tend to make another profile account with a different name and basically a different identity altogether. This works a few times but otherwise, if the person is very much strict about his/her privacy, this method might also tend to fail.

If reached to such an extent on how to see private instagram accounts, then it is recommended to actually accept the other person’s decision and move on with it. This is the best possible way to deal with situations like these.

It is important to note that we do not recommend any of the above methods except for the first one. It is always best to go by the most legitimate and ethical method when it comes to access to anyone’s private account.

Not only does the application not encourage such things like fake accounts and other websites but also as responsible individuals we should understand the difference between the two. Therefore, the best-recommended method on how to look at private Instagram accounts is by the method of directly sending them the following request and waiting for their response. May it be positive or negative, every response should be respected and taken into account.

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