How To Use Tinder Without Facebook in 2018

How To Use Tinder Without Facebook: Finding an online date can be fascinating and if you are lucky enough, it can help you find people of your choice and preferences. Tinder is one such dating application that has raised to the platform serving millions of satisfied users. However, a major drawback with Tinder is its mandatory sign-up with Facebook profile. While the company claims it to be safe, there may be more risks associated with it.

How To Use Tinder Without Facebook –  4 Methods

How to Use Tinder without Facebook

Do You Need Facebook For Tinder? Officially, the app developers have made it compulsory for the users to link their Facebook profile to use Tinder. This enables you to quickly set up your Tinder profile but a lot of personal information is shared with the third-party application. The only good associated with sharing of personal information is that your possible Tinder match gets to know about your preferences beforehand.

However, it is not as fascinating as the worries associated with linking of Facebook with Tinder. is to any user. The following article is on how to use Tinder without Facebook.

 Why Should Tinder Be Not Linked To Facebook?

The sharing of personal information, as well as automatic sync from your Facebook timeline, bring more harm than good, such as –

  1. Access to all your contacts

It is quite annoying to know if some third-party application is accessing your contacts list. The application is getting way more information about you than it is actually required. 

  1. Syncing of Personal Photos:

All your personal photos get automatically synced with Tinder. In such cases, it is quite awkward for any outsider to view your personal photos without your knowledge.

  1. Online Privacy:

Online identity is the new public identity for any individual today. There are many threats to steal one’s identity for negative use and thus securing one’s online privacy becomes very contentious with Tinder having unrestricted access to your Facebook initially.

It is unfortunate that the developers of Tinder till date have it mandatory for any user to link one’s Facebook profile to use Tinder. But in light of above privacy concerns, it becomes important for every Tinder user to know how to use Tinder without Facebook.

Browse Tinder Without Signing-Up On Facebook 

Browse Tinder Without Signing-Up On Facebook 

  1. Use Facebook Privacy Settings:

Facebook has evaded very deep into your private space directly or indirectly. Yet the new company norms are targeted to respect your privacy. Using the Facebook privacy settings, you can alter the priorities or even limit the access by various third-party applications such as Tinder, etc. The following steps will assist you in using Tinder without Facebook login:

  1. Open the desktop version of Facebook and login to your account.
  2. Click on more settings option on the blue navigation bar.
  3. Navigate to Apps settings option appearing in the left column.

Use Facebook Privacy Settings to brows tinder without sign up facebook

  1. Under the Logged-in with Facebook, list of apps shall be displayed. Find Tinder app from that list.
  2. Click on edit option of Tinder and change ‘App Visibility’ setting to Only Me.

change privacy setting to use tinder

Hence it is now ensured that Tinder will not notify your contacts that you are using the application and thus will not post anything on your Facebook timeline.

Can you use Tinder without Facebook? Well, your question has just been answered positively using this method.

  1. Create A Fake Facebook Profile:

You are willing not to share any personal information on Facebook with Tinder application yet have no clue to change the privacy settings, you may use this simple technique to use tinder without Facebook. The layman approach is to create a fake Facebook profile and use the same login to use Tinder. By this way, you are avoiding your personal information being shared with Tinder and at the same time, you are able to spend your time productivity on Tinder without getting noticed by your Facebook contacts.

  • To create a new Facebook profile, follow the below steps:
  1. Log-on to after creating a new email account on Gmail or Yahoo or anything.
  2. Fill-in your details on the Sign-up home page. You can fake your information here.
  3. Once you have created a new Facebook profile, you may use the same to login to Tinder.
  • If you are an existing user of Tinder, follow the below steps:
  1. Go to Tinder Application and open Settings menu.
  2. Navigate yourself to App settings and opt to Logout.
  3. Once redirected to main homepage, sign-up on Tinder using the newly created fake Facebook profile.

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Technically, the method is associated your Tinder profile with that of your Facebook profile, yet there is a huge difference in the information being shared by both the applications mutually. Since the linked Facebook account has no actual information, you can be assured of your privacy.

  1. Alter Tinder App Settings:

Apart from manipulating the Settings of Facebook, there is also a way to manipulate with Tinder App Settings to browse Tinder without signing up Facebook. Although the following method is not fool-proof, tweaking with some Tinder settings will definitely not evade the privacy. To follow this method, refer the below-given steps:

  1. Open Android or iOS Tinder App.
  2. Move to the Settings menu and uncheck ‘Show Me On Tinder Social’ option.

Now the Tinder is authenticated not to post any notification regarding itself on your linked social media platforms.

  1. Use Contact Tinder Option:

It is the hallmark of every responsible app developer to welcome complaints / concerns / suggestions from its users regarding the application. You can make use of this platform and address your concern regarding the mandatory use of Facebook profile to use Tinder. To post a suggestion / concern / query, follow the below steps:

  1. Open Tinder application and navigate to Settings menu.
  2. Find Contact option and suggest Tinder to consider a change in policy regarding mandatory use of Facebook to use Tinder.

The company is sure to address this issue if a considerable amount of requests are received.

While the mentioned methods may not be 100% fool-proof, these methods shall definitely eliminate any further risk associated with online privacy. These methods in no way assure of erasing the past information stored on unknown servers but will definitely eliminate future information from being shared without your consent or knowledge. These methods shall minimize the risk of your online privacy invasion.

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