How to Update Adobe Flash Player on Mac?

If you’ve got a message that you have to update Adobe Flash Player on Mac, Here is step by step guide for adobe flash player update on mac. Whether you have MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, this guide will definitely help you.

Adobe Flash Player is a software that functions as a plug-in to assist in better viewing of multimedia and for general purpose applications related to the internet and streaming.

Though it is the most extensively used plugin browsers, yet it comes with various concerns such as security issues, which makes their users go for some other alternative in search of a safer platform. But the fact is that every Mac user must have Adobe Flash player since there are numerous websites whose working relies on it.

How to Update Adobe Flash Player on Mac Safely?

If you have already installed Flash Player on your Mac, and you’ve decided not to allow flash to update itself, Here’s what you do to update Adobe Flash Player on Mac. In order to get the latest adobe flash player for Mac, the user must update the flash player from time to time.

Following are the steps involved to get adobe flash player update on Mac safely:

  • The first step is to open the Apple menu bar and click on “system preferences.”

Go to the Apple menu bar and select System Preferences

  • Among the list of options available on the screen, select the flash player icon.

select the flash player icon - updating flash player on mac

  • The next step is to click on to the update tab and tap on the option “Allow Adobe to install updates.”

Allow Adobe to install updates

  • Once this is done, you will be able to notice slight modifications, which include additional plug-ins such as NPAPI and PPAPI.

update flash player on mac - NPAPI -PPAPI settings

  • NPAPI plugin is made use by software such as Safari and Firefox, whereas PPAPI is a plug-in that is extensively used by Opera and Chrome.
  • Click on to the “Check Now” box situated at the bottom right position of the screen. This will give you the confirmation that the most recent version of the flash player has bee successfully updated.

Check now to update latest version of adobe flash player on Mac

Many users unknowingly tend to download flash players through fake pop-ups as a result of which they do not possess the true version of the flash player and are also prone to downloading malware. Such situations can be avoided by simply downloading any antivirus available in the Apple play store.

Now We will show you how to download adobe flash player on Mac if it’s not installed in your Mac :

How to Install Adobe Flash Player On Mac?

If Adobe Flash Player is not installed in your Mac, here is a step by step guide to install it safely.

  • To download the latest adobe flash player update for mac,  go to link and start downloading the adobe flash player installer.
  • In your downloads folder, you will receive the flash player installer pack.
  • Tap on to the file and double click on it to initiate the installation process.
  • The next step is to select the option saying ‘Allow Adobe to install updates (recommended)‘, and then click on the done option to finish the process.

How to install Adobe Flash Player on your Mac

  • In case you still find it difficult to view media on websites, kindly check for the flash player on your browsers.

Set up Adobe Flash Player on Various Browser


  • After launching Safari, click open the Apple menu bar and select the ‘preferences’ option.

set up flash in safari browser

  • Next, you need to click on to the website tabs followed by selecting “when visiting other websites”.
  • Once this is done, make sure to either refresh or restart the web browser.

Google Chrome

  • After launching google chrome, you need to type” chrome://settings/content” in the address section.

set up flash in chrome browser

  • Once several options are displayed on the screen, click on to “Ask first (recommended) “option and turn it On.

set up flash in chrome browser (2) - Ask first (recommended)

  • Lastly, refresh the browser.


  • After launching Opera, open the menu bar and select ‘preferences’ option.

set up flash in opera browser

  • The next step is to select the tab followed by clicking on the option “Allow sites to run Flash.”

set up flash in opera browser (2) - Allow sites to run Flash

  • Finally, either restart or refresh the web browser.


  • After Firefox is launched, open the Apple menu bar and tap on to add-ons in the tools option.

set up flash in firefox browser - add-ons in the tools option

  • Select the plug-in tab and switch the option from shockwave flash to always active.

set up flash in firefox browser (2) - shockwave flash to always active.

Method to Uninstall Adobe Flash Player

It is essential to note that your Adobe flash player is not any simple application that is present on your Mac operating system but is a browser plug-in. Therefore, users face a lot of difficulty in uninstalling it in the usual way.

If you try to delete the flash player usually just like other applications; your system will flash a message on your screen which says that “Cannot find Adobe Flash Player in your Application folder”.

Therefore, such cases require a different procedure to be followed as given below:

  • Firstly, Double click on the “Adobe flash player install manager application” which you can find in the Utility folder present in the Applications option.
  • Select the ‘Uninstall’ option.

uninstall Adobe Flash Player

  • The next step is to feed in your password and tap on the install helper.
  • Once your browser is opened, you will receive a window. Select the force close option.
  • Once the uninstallation process has been taken place successfully, click on the done option.

As the most widely accepted software, Adobe, is always working on updating and improving the existing version for a better experience of the users. However, there are many instances where hackers use this as bait for Mac users. They tend to display fake pop-ups while the user is accessing any website to update Adobe flash player on Mac. By doing this, they tend to fool the users and invite them to download malware. The users should be aware of such things and prevent them from happening.


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