How to Send Blank Message in WhatsApp (3 Easy Ways)

How to send blank message in WhatsApp? Have you ever seen ghost messages on WhatsApp and are wondering how to send blank message on WhatsApp. Of all the things that are becoming trends on social media, blank messages are still a surprise element. Why? Because a very few people actually know how to send a blank message in WhatsApp.  We’ve also tried sending a blank message to our friends by using space, but that, of course, doesn’t work. So, if you want to know how to send blank message on WhatsApp, which is making quite the ripples in the social media puddle, read on and follow the suggested comprehensive steps to surprise your friends.

How to Send Blank Message in WhatsApp – 3 Best Methods

  • Using an application that sends dummy character messages
  • Using a PC based mechanism to send unrecognized characters which returns a blank text
  • By sending a character which is not commonly identified by your device

Additional Android App Based Solution on How to Send Blank Message on WhatsApp

Among the vast roster of a considerable amount of other apps for the very same purpose, the NoWord app is perhaps the most feasible option. It involves zero hassle (as undefined character management is done by the app itself), and no complications. The aforementioned app lets you understand how to send blank message in WhatsApp with unparalleled ease and comfort. All you simply need to do is follow the easy steps given below and you will have successfully sent a blank message on WhatsApp to your friends to their awe and your delight.

  • Firstly, you need to download the NoWord app on your Android phone from Play Store.
  • Secondly, you need to install the app. It is a given that most cases, the Android phone doesn’t allow you to install such apps. As a roundabout solution, you need to go to ‘Settings’ on your smartphone and then to ‘Security’. From the security panel, you have to check the box that says- “Allow installation of apps from unknown sources” to facilitate the installation of this application.
  • After installation, access the NoWord app and you will find a screen like the following-

how to send blank message in whatsapp

  • Open the app- you will find an empty box under which there will be a send option. Press the send option.
  • After that, the “Select app to send” option is likely to appear on your screen. You need to select the app on which you want to send a blank message. From among the options that appear, find ‘WhatsApp’ and select the intended contact from the list of contacts that appears and press Send.

Now that you are done with the procedure, you have successfully sent a blank message to the person intended.

How to Send Empty Message in WhatsApp Using a PC Based Approach

The second method we provide here is a PC based functionality. You have to initially access WhatsApp on your PC. There are two methods of doing the same. One is the age-old, yet complicated methods of installing either of BlueStacks or Remix OS on your PC, while the other is a relatively new(and popular) facility provided by the developer of WhatsApp themselves. For convenience’s sake, we will ignore the complication and stick to the easier process. Hope you’ll get idea about how to send blank message in WhatsApp.

You can access WhatsApp on your PC, visit- WhatsApp Web through your browser. Remember old and outdated versions of your browsers might not support them and therefore the updated ones should be used.

If you are not well versed with the procedure, we’ve got your back! Follow the below steps to log into your WhatsApp chat from your PC, in no time!

  • At first, type-‘’ in the search engine of your PC and press enter.
  • A page containing a QR code will be present before you. Do not close or reload this page.
  • Open WhatsApp on your phone, go to the menu option and select WhatsApp Web and scan the QR code on your PC from a WhatsApp provided scanner.
  • Now you can access WhatsApp Web on your PC.

Now, that you have accessed WhatsApp from your PC, the real trick is to be discussed. To send a blank message you might need the conventional ‘Notepad’ application which comes pre-installed with your PC’s system. Following the steps below, to know how to send empty msg in WhatsApp and send it to the person intended.

  • At first, open the notepad on your PC and type either ALT+255 or ALT+0160.
  • After typing either ALT+255 or ALT+0160, you can see a blank text which is automatically added to your notepad.
  • Now you can save the blank text on your PC or you can even copy the text by pressing Ctrl+C onto a word processing software and keep it there.
  • Now that you have saved the blank text, you can open WhatsApp Web from your PC and select a desired contact and press Ctrl+V on the message bar and send it.

You might have guessed the amount of surprise that your friend might have incurred after you have successfully sent a blank message to the person intended and surprised them.

There is also an alternate way of sending a blank message which requires a preliminary amount of activity on your PC but later becomes a completely self-sufficient function through your smartphone.

  • Transfer the blank text which you had earlier saved on your PC to your phone by using a data cable or by Bluetooth.
  • Now open the file in your phone and copy the file.
  • After copying the file, open WhatsApp and select the contact and paste the file in the message bar.
  • Then click on the send button on your phone.

Congratulations! You are done sending a blank or empty message to the person intended.

How to Send Blank Msg on WhatsApp by Using an Unrecognized Character

The third solution from our roster of ideas about- how to send a blank message on WhatsApp, is by sending a character which is not recognized by WhatsApp. WhatsApp is an online messaging platform that is trying to incorporate characters from different languages in order to make the experience of texting even more personalized and vernacular. You might be in two minds about the personalization feature, but all these trials and errors have given the smarter populace new means to tweak around the messages and has led to the discovery of the ‘blank message’. We are well aware of the fact that there are numerous different languages and the characters in each language are not similar.The app is created in such a way that only certain specified characters can be recognized by the app. WhatsApp cannot identify certain characters and the recipient will receive a blank message. So you can fool your friends or colleagues by sending them a blank or empty message and they will be surprised. This technique is not at all difficult and people do not need to be technologically well versed to follow this method.

Confused about How to send blank message in WhatsApp using a character which is not recognized by WhatsApp? Do not worry. Just follow the following steps which are very simple and you will be able to send ghost messages and spook your friends for real!

  • Firstly, you have to download the unrecognized characters from Google. You can either download them on your phone or download it to your PC and transfer it to your Phone.
  • Now, download a text editor app.
  • After the characters are downloaded, open the file through the downloaded text editor app.
  • Copy the unrecognized character and paste it on WhatsApp in the message bar of the desired contact.
  • After pasting the message, the character will be in quotes. You need to remove the quotes. The character will appear somewhat like this, as shown in the picture below

send empty message in whatsapp

  • Now click the send option and you are done. You have successfully sent a blank message to your friend or colleague and surprised them.


The above techniques for How to Send Blank Message in WhatsApp are probably simpler than you expected to be. A technological loophole is not always an entertaining thing. Though WhatsApp not being able to recognize a character might only mean a new blank message, not being able to recognize privy security concerns may not always result in such a harmless affair. The internet has made the world small and locally accessible but has also given people many loopholes to exploit. We would advise you to maintain online etiquettes when you are on social media or are just casually browsing. It is important to be extremely careful. But meanwhile, now that you have discovered this ‘not conventionally known’ trick hurry and try it out and leave your friends flabbergasted. Keep visiting our site for more awesome tips and tricks.

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