How To See Who Views Your Facebook Profile

how to see who views your facebook profile: In this fast-paced world of social media, individual’s privacy becomes an inherent cause of concern. It is quite often that we have looked for an optimist answer for a simple question, “Can you see who views your Facebook profile?”

If our opinion is to be considered, we would suggest you that there are no official ways of doing it but definitely, there exist several easy hacks to know about your recent Facebook visitors.

Four Hacks On How to See Who Views Your Facebook Profile

how to see who views your facebook profile

The four hacks presented here are applicable on the desktop version and mobile platforms such as Android and iOS. Hence, We suggest you to use full liberty in exercising the best hack that suits your purpose of identifying visitors on your Facebook profile.

Hack 1: Safest Option- Viewing Page Source Using The Browser

This method is to prove the claims of those who are pessimistic about answering the question, “Is there a way to see who views your Facebook?” The present hack is also the safest option to try since it involves no intervention of third-party applications and secures your privacy. Here, you will only go through the browser’s script to see who viewed your Facebook profile recently. The following steps must be carefully followed to get the desired outcome:

Viewing Page Source Using The Browser - Safest way to see who views your facebook profile

  1. Visit the desktop site of Facebook and log-in with your credentials normally.
  2. You are automatically redirected to your news feed home page. Now you will have to go to your profile page. To do so, simply click on the first name that is appearing on the top blue navigation bar.
  3. Now, to view the page source, right-click anywhere on the page. But care must be taken that you don’t click on links that redirect you to some other page. Instead press Ctrl+U simultaneously to open the small menu dialog box.
  4. On right clicking on the same page, a dialog box will appear will certain options. Choose View Page Source option.
  5. This will open up a new tab with complex codes.
  6. Now press Ctrl+F and type “InitialChatFriendsList”. You will be able to see several numbers that makes no sense. These numbers duly separated by hyphen and semicolon are actually the profile ID of your visitors.
  7. You will have to copy and paste the number alongside the address: “” The profile ID must be pasted after the “/”.

Here is 100% safest method to view who visited your Facebook profile. Though the procedure is complex for the beginners, it is surely worth the effort.

Hack 2: Using Browser Plugin/Chrome Extension

This hack is on how to see who views your Facebook profile by just a single tap. This method involves the use of third-party browser plugin called Facebook Profile View Notification. This plugin is specially designed to work on Chrome browser. To add the browser extension to your Chrome desktop version as well enable the Visitors link, follow the below steps:

how to know who visited my facebook profile recently - using chrome extension

  1. Open Chrome web store. You can either search for Chrome web store on Google search engine or open a new tab by simultaneously pressing Ctrl+T and self-navigating yourself to the web store.
  2. Now search for the plugin extension Facebook Profile View Notification. At most caution must be taken to choose the right plug-in. It is advised to only download any one of the plugins appearing in the top 3 search results.
  3. As the installation process completes, the browser would prompt you with Add to Chrome option. You will have to click on it.
  4. The plugin icon will be added to the address bar on the rightmost top corner.
  5. If you’re already logged-in to your Facebook account on Google Chrome, the plugin will automatically save your login credentials and authenticate itself with pre-determined permissions. Otherwise, you may manually feed in your credentials and alter permissions required.
  6. Once successfully logged-in to your Facebook account, you may find a new Visitors link on the top blue navigation bar of the Facebook home page.

Voila! Now you can keep an eye on those who regularly keep an eye on your profile. 

Hack 3: Using A Dedicated Android Application

This hack is applicable only on Android phones. The Google App Store is already flooded with lots of apps that claim to let you know who viewed your Facebook profile recently. However, our trust lies in a particular application called Who Viewed My Profile. Unlike several imposter applications that are built to only steal information and provide no service, this application is tested to give you desired results. For detailed steps on how to download and how to see who views your Facebook profile, refer below.

  1. Visit the Google Play Store and search for Who Viewed My Profile to download and install it.
  2. Once the installation is done, open the application.
  3. The application will prompt you with options. Here click on Login With Facebook button.
  4. Use your credentials to successfully log-in to your Facebook Account,
  5. At this stage, the android app will prompt you with another set of permissions. Grant all the permissions as required by the app.

Believe it or not, you are done! The application will instantly produce a list of recent visitors to your Facebook profile.

Hack 4: Using an iPhone Application to know Who Views Your Facebook Profile

This hack makes use of a dedicated iPhone paid application. The paid application is called Social Fans and it is only available for iOS users. Social Fans through its paid service allows its users to track their Facebook profile visitors on a regular basis. Apart from this, it also provides similar services for other social media sites.

To confidently spy on the ones who are spying on your Facebook profile, download Social Fans iOS application and follow the on-screen simple applications to view your Facebook visitors.

You ought to be satisfied after reading the entire article. There may be more than one way which may not work for you. In such cases, We suggest to try all the given hacks. There are very high chances of getting at least one hack work in your favor about how to know who visited my facebook profile recently. Have a happy hunting on the ones who are spying on your Facebook profile!

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