How to Reset Airpods – Step by Step Guide

In order to hard reset your AirPods, Here we came with a step by step guide on how to reset airpods. When it comes to a company like Apple, Airpods are considered as one of the biggest success leaving behind Apple watch, Home pad and even the iPad. Apple Airpods have been in demand widely because of their ease of use, auto-correct connection feature and prolonged battery lives.

In case you purchase a new iPhone, you might find the need to hard reset your Airpods. Due to the way to the simple design, things often get complicated when it comes to troubleshooting. Therefore, initially, it is necessary to know the basic features and their usefulness in order to understand how to reset Airpods.

In this easy guide, you will come across all the important points about doing factory resting of Apple Airpods. So, let’s get started!

Understanding the Light Indicator on Apple Airpods

how to hard reset airpods

Apple Airpods are provided with a single light indicated that is situated just below the hood. The basic function of these lights is to indicate specific issues with the help of different combinations which will give a hint to the user regarding the same. Therefore, it is necessary that you first learn about these functions in order to understand how to reset airpods.

Battery status

In case of Apple Airpods, unlike cellphones, they do not indicate the exact amount of battery that is available. Instead you can see a green light when they are placed in their case. In case you happen to see the green light when not in case, it indicates that the Airpods still have tiny bit of charge remaining.


The flashing of the amber light basically indicates that one or more devices have failed to connect to the airpods. It primarily suggests the resetting of the Airpods. White light flashing, on the hand, indicates that the airpods are ready to be connected to your Apple devices.

Troubleshooting tips

Being totally reliant on lights is not at all an effective method to determine the actual problem with your airpods.  Before trying to reset the Airpods, it is mandatory to test it with other devices. If you still need any help, visit your nearest apple store and take some technical assistance required for your work.

How To Reset Airpods Without Phone

Resetting of Airpods can actually solve numerous issues. It can solve battery-related problems, inconsistency in audio delivery such as when only one of the Airpods is functional. The following are the steps to perform hard reset on Airpods:

How to Reset Airpods

  1. The first step includes lifting of the top part of the case.
  2. The second step involves pressing and holding the button present at the back.
  3. Wait until the light starts blinking.
  4. As soon as the light turns red, release the button.

It is important to note that this process will disconnect all the devices that were previously connected to it. When the white light blinks again it is an indication that the hard reset airpods are ready for one or more connections.

How to Factory Reset Airpods

All the Apple Airpods have a specific function that allows them to return to their factory settings which can be beneficial incase you are handing them over to someone or else or facing certain problems related to its working. When Airpods have battery indicating issues or pairing issues then it is often suggested to perform factory reset operation on the Airpods. You must know in advance that the Factory reset Airpods work normally without any issues.

factory reset your airpods

Here are some of the essential steps to be followed to perform factory reset to the airpods:

  1. Note that both Airpods should be kept in their charging cases with each if they are having sufficient charging.
  2. The Initial task is to locate a small button that will be present on the back of the case.
  3. The next step is to open the charging case lid.
  4. The located button should be pressed and held for about 15 seconds. During this process, the internal light between the Airpods will flash white indicating that the airpods have reset and voila! Your work is done successfully!

These factory reset airpods will no longer be able to connect to any device automatically which are linked to your iCloud account. So, the next time you try for connection, it will display a setup just like the first time of use.

Some final thoughts

Apple Airpods are simple and easy to use devices with the only issue being that the functions are slightly on the tricky side as compared to the structure and therefore takes lot of understanding. Therefore, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the various parts of airpods. Even though we reset, it can also happen that hard reset airpods could still face issues due to lack of maintenance.

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