How to Make Conference Call On iPhone

How to Make Conference Call On iPhone?: The Cellular revolution has made businesses accountable and brought the entire globe within the hand’s reach. A simple conference call would allow a three-way connection, four-way connection, five-way connection in such a way that every participant can reciprocate with every other participant freely and almost instantaneously with a relative lag that is absolutely unnoticed. Since iPhone holds a formidable market share involving a larger percentage of business class people, the present article is focussed on how to conference call on iPhone which shall be loosely translated into different ways of making a conference call on any model of iPhone.

How to Make Conference Call On iPhone

How to Make Conference Call on iPhone

 While the internet is flooded with different ways on how to make conference call on iPhone, the present article is an attempt to make a precise summary of the scattered information. There are broadly two ways to make a conference call on iPhone using cellular signal and not the internet. The first one is by using the inbuilt application which is restricted to connect only 5 callers at a time. The second method is by using the third-party iOS app that provides superior features along with a greater number of participants at a time.

Using Phone Dialer Feature To Make Three Way Call On iPhone

 To make a three way call on iPhone using phone dialer feature, follow the below steps:

how to conference call on iphone (Add and Merge calls on iphone, ipad)

  1. Open your iPhone dialer and make an ordinary phone call. While on call, several call options appear such as mite, speaker on, keypad, add call, contacts, FaceTime.
  2. Make use of “Add Call” option to dial another person and initiate a conference call. It is to note that the first caller will go on hold automatically once the dialed person is added to the call.
  3. On a successful connection with the newly added call, tap “Merge Call” button appearing on the screen to make it a three way call on iPhone.
  4. You can perform step 2 and step 3 to connect up to five callers on a conference call.

Alternatively, you will be able to answer another call by simply putting the conference call on hold or disconnect any one of the participants. You can even pick any of the participants of the conference call for a private voice chat. To remove participants and talk privately, follow the below steps:

While on a conference call, you can tap the blue “i” button at the top right corner of the screen to view a list of the participants in the call.

how to make a three way call on iphone (Make perticular End call or Private Voice chat)

  • Select the particular participant and tap on the End button.
  • Select the particular participant, click on the Private button for private voice chat. The rest of the participants on the conference call will be put on hold.
  • Again click on Merge calls to join the main conference.

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Using Third-party iOS App (Best Apps to Make Conference Call On iPhone / iPad)

How to make conference call on iPhone at an affordable cost was once a distinct possibility. But the rapid progress in cellular technology has made it possible. The more recent methods on how to conference call on iPhone include third-party iOS applications that offer more than just calling feature. 

  1. Voxeet iOS App

Voxeet iOS App - Best app to make confernce call on iphone or ipad

The advantage of third-party applications over inbuilt application is its additional features that allow seamless connectivity even in a low network area. You can download the application from iTunes and also sync all the existing contacts for easy dialing option.

The following are some of the advantages of Voxeet iOS app:

  • It allows private chat as well as group/ three-way calls/conference calls with no PIN/Password control.
  • Its powerful tools tweak your network settings in such a way that it allows robust connectivity even in low signal areas.
  • Live sync your calls from iPhone to iPad and get crystal clear audio quality.
  • Also, record calls in real-time and replay at will.
  • Click on its presentation mode to make your business conference call blissful as it allows easy file sharing while on-call.
  • Voice call center can be activated when you are on a conference call and choose not to pick another call.
  • Allows up to 8 people on a conference call.
  • Also, provides support for Video-audio conferencing.
  1. Speak iOS App

The concern on how to make conference call on iPhone is made easy with Speek iOS App. It is yet another app for the seamless audio-video conference call. To begin your conference call, you will have to set up a personal URL as “”

The following are some of the advantages of Speek iOS app:

  • Once your profile is activated you will be able to make audio/video conference call on iPhone.
  • Using Presentation mode, file sharing in form of images, text documents is made possible.
  • It allows you to connect with over 100 users at a time. You can also make international calls.
  • The calls and messages are fully SSL encrypted.
  1. FCC Dialer iOS App

FCC Dialer, also known as Free Conference Call Dialer app is well-suited for making international calls. The following are some of the advantages associated with FCC Dialer app:

  • Provides HD quality audio during a conference call.
  • Support for over 55 countries on an international call.
  • Record call and replay at will.
  • Provides support for Voice over IP and GSM calling.
  • Has a vibrant user-interactive interface.

While all the methods available for making a conference call on iPhone using the cellular network are discussed, we recommend you to make the best use of it and not make a conference call using the internet. The advantage of the conference call on a cellular network over a conference call on the internet is summarised as below:

  1. Cellular charges have nearly become costless.
  2. Hacking/Tampering with the call is difficult as compared to an internet call.
  3. Accountability and Traceability of the callers are well-maintained on a cellular network call.
  4. Looks more professional and it is the best practice all over the world.
  5. Less involvement of third-party applications.

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