How To Fix iPhone Stuck On Apple Logo

How To Fix iPhone Stuck On Apple Logo: You may never want your iPhone to stop working or malfunction abruptly. Off late, many users have reported the problem of iPhone getting stuck on the Apple lock screen, and the device simply fails to respond any further.

Fortunately, there are some software fixes which is quite easy to perform even by the beginners. However adequate care must be taken before venturing into any self-repair option. Here in this tutorial on how to fix iPhone stuck on apple logo, the entire process is simplified down to four different methods to resolve your problem – Force Reboot Method, Update via Recovery Method, DFU Mode Method and Third-party System Recovery Method. The tutorial is also enriched with additional information on the common reason, issues, consequences that are followed up by the iPhone problem under consideration.

Most Common Reasons For iPhone Stuck on Apple Screen

Some people are asking why my iphone is stuck on the apple logo? It is definitely not a common sight to see an iPhone stuck on Apple screen. However, such malfunctioning engulfs the best products as well. It is very difficult to exactly put the blame on one particular reason for such an issue to occur. Nonetheless, here are the most probable reasons which cause the phone to get stuck on the start screen.

  1. Use of expired beta version of iOS on an iPhone.
  2. Unauthorised Jailbreak access or use of vulnerable methods/tools such as Cydia to jailbreak an iPhone.
  3. Issues with software version upgrade or abrupt cancellation during an upgradation process.
  4. Broken hardware button due to mishandling of device.
  5. Manufacturing defect which is a rare case with regard to Apple products.

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Common Errors Such iPhones May Face

The subsequently discussed four tricks on how to fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo may be applied when the below-given malfunctioning are observed on your iPhone. These may be the symptoms in the initial stage of malfunctioning of your iPhone.

  1. Display of Solid color and the device stuck indefinitely on the Apple logo.
  2. No display but background sounds and notification sounds work fine.
  3. The appearance of black screen soon after force restart or after charging.
  4. iPhone does not respond to any of user actions, yet the screen remains On.

How To Fix iPhone Stuck On Apple Logo

How To Fix iPhone Stuck On Apple Logo

The Following are useful Steps that you can take to Fix iPhone stuck on Apple Logo.

  1. Reboot Your iPhone Forcibly

Also known as the layman approach, minor glitches can be resolved by simply performing a forced reboot. But usually, the problem with iPhone 7 stuck on apple logo is a cause of major concern and the forced reboot may only give you a pseudo-satisfaction of performing the stereotypical action of self-repairing.

Nonetheless, you can never discover your phone’s limit better unless you try to breach its limits. Hence, perform a reboot on your iPhone by-

  • If you own an iPhone 7 or later versions of it, press and hold the Volume Down button and Power button both at the same time.
  • If you own an iPhone 6 or earlier versions, press and hold down the Home button and Power button both at the same time.
  1. Perform an Update via Recovery Mode

Your iPhone 6 stuck on apple logo may not be resolved by a simple reboot. You may want to try and perform an update on your iPhone stuck on apple logo whose user data can be restored later. In such a case, Update via Recovery Mode is a good option.

It is commonly observed that iPhone gets stuck due to improper software update issue. Hence Update via Recovery Mode method attempts to download and install a fresh copy of latest update to your phone via iTunes software. The update does not guarantee any hack for hardware issues dues to root access or jailbreaking of iPhone.

Steps to perform an Update via Recovery Mode-

  1. A functional computer running the latest software version of iTunes is required.
  2. Connect your iPhone to the computer via a USB cable and then open iTunes.
  3. To reboot iPhone in the Recovery Mode, follow the below steps-
  • If you own an iPhone 7 or higher models, press and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons simultaneously until a short alarm is raised in iTunes desktop software.
  • If you own an iPhone model 6 or less, press and hold the Home button and Power button simultaneously until a short alarm is raised in iTunes desktop software.
  1. Click on the Update option appearing on the iTunes window.
  2. If the Update fails, choose to Restore option. This option may erase all the user data saved on phone’s memory. Nonetheless, you can restore some of your data from the cloud.
  1. Device Firm Upgrade Mode (DFU Mode)

If your device fails to start after an unsuccessful jailbreak attempt, then Device Firm Upgrade Mode or DFU mode is your last resort to attempt a self-repair of your iPhone 6 stuck on apple lock screen. However, this method is also suitable for higher models of iPhone 6. The major disadvantage of this method is that it repairs iPhone stuck on apple logo without restoring user data, thereby completely erasing the older data. Therefore, keeping backup periodically is a must. But in this situation where the iPhone is barely functional, taking a backup is impossible.

iPhone stuck on apple logo without restoring using DFU mode

The main difference between the previous method of entering into Recovery Mode and the DFU mode is that DFU does not allow your phone to reboot so that iTunes can completely take over your device and perform necessary changes.

Steps to put your iPhone into DFU mode-

  1. Open iTunes on a functional computer.
  2. Using a USB cable, connect your iPhone to iTunes.
  3. At this point, you have to turn off your device. Press and hold power button if soft buttons fail to respond.
  4. To perform a restart on your iPhone, press and hold the Home button and Power button simultaneously on iPhone models 6 or less. For iPhone models 7 or higher, press and hold Volume button and Home button.
  5. To confirm if your device has entered the DFU mode, your iPhone’s display must ideally go blank while it is still on. Basically, it should not be displaying anything. If such is not the case, repeat step 4.
  6. This should trigger a window to pop-up on iTunes which would prompt you to restart your iPhone. Choose between two options- factory reset or load a backup.
  1. Third-party System Recovery Tools

While using any third-party system recovery tool such as dr.fone or Tenorshare ReiBoot may not be advised for iPhone under warranty period, using this method on older iPhones is best left to the wise judgement of the users.

To fix iPhone stuck on apple logo with dr.fone, follow the below steps –

  1. Soon after downloading dr.fone from the official link, launch the application and choose Repair option. It usually appears on the Menu.
  2. Before that, make sure your iPhone is connected to a functional PC via USB cable.
  3. fone will automatically detect the presence of iPhone. Click on “Start” to continue.
  4. Let your iPhone into DFU mode. To do so, recall the above method 3- Device Firm Upgrade Mode (DFU Mode).
  5. In the subsequent window, select the suitable iPhone model, and let the software download the latest firmware.
  6. Now dr.fone will automatically resolve the problem.
  7. Set to the manual restart of your iPhone.

To fix iPhone stuck on Apple screen with Tenorshare ReiBoot, follow the below steps –

  1. Search on the internet and download the suitable Mac or Windows version of Tenorshare ReiBoot.
  2. Make sure to connect your iPhone before launching Tenorshare ReiBoot.
  3. Enable Recovery Mode on your iPhone by following the already discussed method 2 – Perform Update via Recovery Mode.
  4. Once complete, click on Fix Now button and let the application perform tasks automatically.

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Uh! Still, iPhone Stuck On Apple Screen?

If the problem with iPhone stuck on apple screen persists even after performing the above three self-repair methods, it can be evidently concluded that the problem exists with the hardware of your iPhone device. The only option you are left is to contact your nearest Apple Store and ask it for a quick fix. If your device is covered under the warranty period, the service would cost you nothing and you may even get your old iPhone replaced with a new iPhone.

The above methods are not new and have been in circulation on the internet for many years now. Based on the user reviews and satisfaction, below are some of the side-effects on the iPhone after being successfully resolved using above methods.

  1. You may face SIM failure error message. To resolve it, contact your network operator or the nearest Apple Store.
  2. Loss of complete user data. There is no way to restore it unless you have a back-up of the same on the Cloud. Hence, the option of automatic backup to the Apple cloud must be turned on so that you don’t get into such a situation in the future.
  3. Venturing into third-party unauthorized system recovery tool may be detrimental as it may compromise with your privacy. It is best to contact the official Apple support after the above-mentioned methods fail to show any desirable results.

There is always a way out for any problem. In this case, you can contact the official Apple Support or visit the nearest Apple Store to resolve the iPhone problem under the consideration at any given time.

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