How To DDoS An IP [Top Free Methods]

How To DDoS An IP: Performing a DDoS attack and learning about the same must only be taken for academic purposes or for learning purposes. It is advocated to not continue further if you are looking for how to do a DDoS attack with a criminal intent.

How To DDoS An IP

A DDoS is abbreviated as “Distributed Denial of Service” and is much complex than primordial denial-of-service attacks. The underlying principle behind such attacks is to flood the website with tons of information such that the victim website remains overloaded with many information to process, thereby bringing its bandwidth to choke and crashes down temporarily.

How To DDoS An IP

DDoS For Dummies

A simple analogy of denial of service attacks would be a faulty electrical appliance in your daily use. In any certain unfortunate event, the same faulty appliance when switched on would flood the electrical circuit of your house, causing the electrical fuse to blow out. Precisely this is what happens in denial-of-service attacks.

Typically, denial-of-service attacks send information from a singular source to any victim location but using a DDoS attack, you can make use of multiple sources to target at a single victim location, thereby making it a lethal cyber tool of disaster.

The following content will address on how to DDoS an IP or how to DDoS a website.

Gauging The Strength Of DDoS:

A study revealed that for most of the websites a 1 GB/s denial-of-service attack is strong enough to take it down. One of the biggest ever recorded was the Mirai botnet attack in Autumn 2016 which clocked up to 1 terabytes per second.

These days, there are several tutorials available on how to DDoS someone’s IP and related stuff. This provides a potential platform for the beginners to take up hacking the unethical way unless and until chose to learn it for good purposes.

How To DDoS Someone with cmd, Intended For Fun

While there are many ways to perform a denial-of-service attack, not all the means of attacks are harmful. We shall discuss the less harmful ones in the following section.

Using a Botnets

In recent years, Botnets have gained an unprecedented popularity in hacking field. A botnet is the collection of internet controlled devices and works as directed by a central command, in this case, it is the hacker. Typically, the bigger players indulge in the use of Botnets to carry out DDoS.

Refer to the below illustration from Heimdal Security.

There can be varying degrees of cyber attack using a botnet. Some of the common attacks that are carried using botnets are spamming of emails, phishing, cryptocurrency mining, etc.

Dedicated DDoS Software Applications and Tools

Such a tactic employed to carry out DDoS is less powerful and time-consuming. The success of this type of DDoS attack depends on more than one hacker. The limitation is due to the fact that a DDoS software can only send less quantum of information to the website. A simple principle of augmentation is used wherein the principle hacker makes an appeal to the followers to download a particular tool and then, they simultaneously attack the victim website. This increases the quantum of information being sent to the targeted website, thereby overloading its bandwidth and crashing it down.

Some of the How To DDoS An IP software tools are:

  1. Tor’s Hammer
  2. HUL- HTTP Unbearable Load King
  3. LOIC- Low Orbit Ion Canon

How To DDos an IP with CMD

A basic hack technique on how to DDoS someones ip with cmd is addressed here. The command prompt function of Windows is selectively utilized to send small packets of information from multiple sources to target a single target and denial-of-services is performed accordingly. This process is also nicknamed as the ping of death.

Refer the below illustration from Heimdal Security.

Google Spreadsheet As A DDoS

It is quite fascinating to see an application such as a Google Spreadsheet to be listed under the capable DDoS tools. Basically, the functioning of Google Spreadsheet by design allows the hackers to use it to send unlimited information to a single target rather fetch unlimited information from a particular target, thereby choking the target’s bandwidth.

The program works by using a feed-fetcher crawler to capture and display the image. Thus using a random parameter request, one can ask for same information multiple numbers of times. This is precisely the basis of performing a DDoS using Google Spreadsheet.

It is estimated that a single source sends up to 250GB of traffic in about 45 minutes to bring out any low-protected target or a website.

DNS Reflection Attack

A technique of magnifying small quantum of information and projecting into a larger size of information is enabled by DNS Reflection Attack. It is a multiple process and in figurative terms, every 1 byte of information is magnified as 30-40 bytes of information to the target.

Ways To Stop DDoS Attack

As an admin of any website, being hacked is the last thing that you would not want to face. Here are some of the checks that could be ensured to stop any DDoS attack:

  1. Look out for unusual traffic spike or surge in request information. Wireshark is one of the many tools that can identify a potential DDoS attack.
  2. Beware of data leaks and various cyber infections.
  3. DDoS mitigation tools such as Verisign, Nexus Guard, Cloudflare, Incapsula, and many others is desirable.
  4. Get adequate support from your ISP and host.
  5. Always remember to have an emergency response plan.

The lifespan of DDoS attacks are short-lived and the studies have shown that the motive behind such attacks is not financial. In fact, the very nature of DDoS is clumsy, messy and so direct financial gains is highly unlikely to arise out of such attacks. In most cases, it was noted that the hackers performed DDoS attacks to show their cyber dominance and to spread a false propaganda. Nonetheless, any kind of cyberattack is a jolt of the valuable information that is stored on our websites. Any kind of compromise will lead to a breach of personal security, which in any case is unacceptable. Hence, it is widely accepted to be prepared for the unacceptable.

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