How to Change Game Status in Discord

Those of you who are into online PC gaming will definitely be accustomed to Discord which is a free chat application that serves as a platform for online conversations during gaming. Its basic features include voice chats, texts to facilitate effective communication with the fellow players while playing. Additionally, it also allows you to make video calls for a whole new gaming experience. In this guide, we will learn about all the steps to change discord custom playing status. However, let’s first begin with some fundamentals about Discord and its game status!

What is Discord?

Discord is a very convenient application when it comes to finding your gaming partners. It allows you to find people by just using the search function and thus you can add people to your friend list. Furthermore, discord playing status is another aspect of discord that when connected to other services, displays your activities in your status. It not only shows which other application you are connected to but also displays the game you are playing currently.

Let’s move to the next section where you will find easy ways to change the game status in Discord without much hassle!

Showing a Custom Game Status in Discord

With due respect to the individual gaming privacy, Discord also allows a gamer to choose whether to show his or her custom game status or not. This is solely dependent on personal choice.

Here is a guide to give detailed instruction on how to display Discord custom game status:

how to add custom games to discord

  1. The first step is to select account settings which are basically represented by the settings icon located in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  2. Next step is to select ‘Games’ option in the menu and select ‘Add it’.
  3. The successive step includes selecting an application that is open on your computer.
  4. Later, click the name of the game and change it to any desired one.

These are the few steps which will help you change Discord custom playing status while no longer showing the genuine one.

How to Show or Hide the Game You Are Playing

There are many gamers who do not like to share their gaming habits or rather prefer to play without being noticed. Such gamers need to have the knowledge of how to show what you are playing on discard.  Discord provides an option where in you can choose to either show or hide the currently running game.

how to show what game you're playing on discord

To do that, go into account settings and disable the “Display currently running game as a status message” feature. You can access account settings through the settings icon which is located in the bottom left corner of the screen.

In addition to this, we can toggle the game status feature by clicking “Games” in the menu on the left side of the screen and clicking the toggle button.

Some devices do not have the “Games” option which means that that particular device does not support that feature and hence their game status would not be shown naturally.

How to Change Game Status in Discord? – Easy Guide

Now that you know that Discord allows its users to change their game status. You need to know the required steps to easily change the game status in a jiffy! Follow the given steps to change the game status while you are playing Discord:

1.    Manually Chang Online Status in Discard:

When it comes to manually change the online status, Discord helps in providing you with four options:

  1. Idle: It is a type of online status that is put into action when the user is away from the keyboard for a particular time.
  2. Online: When the gamers are active, running their games and communicating with other players, a green circle will appear beside their avatar indicating that the user is online.
  3. Do not disturb: This type of mode is typically indicated by a red dot beside your avatar which simply means that the user does not want to be disturbed by any kind of notifications.
  4. Invisible: This mode suggests that the user is working on Discord normally, though it makes them appear entirely offline.

These features are similar to other chat related applications wherein it conveys if the user is particularly available or not within that time period. To change your online status in case of Discard, simply right click on their avatar and select their status. This feature requires a need to change it manually whenever necessary or else it will switch to automatic when you restart the Discord.

2.    Guide to Change Game Status in Discord

Discord has a function of auto-detection wherein it can detect certain games that are running on your system. It basically recognizes those games that are detected in its database and are termed as verified games which then appear as a game status message. Verified games cannot be edited manually but once of unverified games, they can be easily edited.

Here are some few steps on how to change the discord status:

Change game status on discord

  1. Firstly, open the game and allow it to run in the background.
  2. The next step is to open Discord and to click on to user settings.
  3. This step involves selecting games from the left menu and adding it to the right.
  4. Now a list will appear on this screen from which you can select the desired game.
  5. A game activity message box will appear where in you can type whatever you want.

This fascinating feature allows us to change discord status message and lets the user type whatever they want to display. In this way, any gamer can add their own elements into the status message.

3. Change Verified Game Status in Discord

As already mentioned, verified games that are present in the Discord database cannot be edited through there few hacks wherein you can influence its working. Since the system monitors the running processes through the task manager, you can manually add any process. You can also allow Discord to view that instead of the actual game that is being played.  For example, if you are playing a particular game and you don’t want it to be visible, just open any unverified game or program, let the Discord detect it and name it differently.

A competent program for such type of application is Notepad++. It is basically an unverified program in Discord. Therefore, Discord will detect it and allow it to run in the background. So according to the procedure, you can give it a custom message and run your other game.

Some final words:

With better communication and interaction, gaming has now become a whole new experience for the existing gamers as well as the newbies. In the gaming world, Discord has brought a strong revolution wherein gamers can now share everything and anything about their gaming to the world. These platforms also help gamers, as well as non-gamers, channelize their ideas and elements. Now that you have known all the relevant steps to how to change your discord status,  it is time to make the necessary changes and enjoy your gaming session in a more engaging manner!

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