10+ Best GarageBand Alternative For Windows / Pc

Probably, you are a regular user of Garageband, which happens to be the most successful music production application running on Mac/iOS devices. But yes, changes are inevitable and you are now using a Windows PC. And not to forget, you do miss your GarageBand. So, Can you get GarageBand on Windows? Are there adequate GarageBand alternative for Windows? Let’s check it out in the following sections.

Alternatively, the loyal Windows users who are spell-bound by the functionality of Garageband can also make use of this article to expand their existing knowledge of GarageBand alternative for PC.

GarageBand Alternative For Windows

The following list includes free and premium versions of music production applications on Windows or rather GarageBand Windows alternative that are easily available for download and install.

GarageBand Alternative For Windows

  1. FL Studio

By far, the most easily available and uniquely powerful is FL Studio, previously known as FruityLoops. The software is loaded with features such as Midi functions, Music Automation and styled up with brilliant User Interface.

FL Studio can be seen as a near to perfect GarageBand alternatives as the accessibility of the same is maximum. By accessibility, what we mean here is that even a beginner can produce top-notch music in no time. If you happen to be an advanced user of Garageband, it is a double advantage for you as FL studio has the provision of incorporating third-party plugins effectively.

The highlighting features of FL Studio are its Piano roll and Step Sequencer. This provides a brilliant visual cue that comes in handy while recording music or producing the same. Apart from this, you are also provided with amazing sound packages and patches that could be used in your music production.

While the basic version of FL Studio is priced at 99 dollars, there are several online hacks available for the same. Nevertheless, it is always advised to buy the original software as it will protect you from unseen vulnerabilities.

  1. Cubase

Cubase is one of the pioneer music production software that is available in the market. It is arguably the best GarageBand alternative for PC. Cubase gets its popularity from pure audio quality, authentic sound library, top notch VST extensions, and easy to handle User Interface.  It has created a unique benchmark of its own in the industry. The application is available in the following variants: Cubase Pro, Cubase Artist & Cubase Elements.

Cubase has Digital Audio Workstation- DAW which quickly enables you to record a music like any other professional artist. It is evident from the fact that Cubase is quite popular among upcoming DJ artists, independent Hollywood music producers, etc.

Cubase is certainly not a free product to download and install whereas modern day hacking has made it possible to enjoy any premium feature for free. But caution must be taken before attempting to hack premium software as it may cause irreversible damage to your system.

  1. Sony Sound Forge

The brand name Sony is enough to test the application’s quality against average music production software. Sony Sound Forge allows perfect editing, recording, mixing audio files. The rendering output is quite powerful. The highlight features of Sony Sound Forge is its digital repair, and restore option that enables life in even the rarest of digital records/ tapes. Apart from this, podcast production, as well as Karaoke track production, is made simple using Sound Forge.

As already mentioned, the rendering output is satisfying and with classic Sound Forge tools, you can bring magic to your music production. Sony Sound Forge is one of the highly rated GarageBand alternatives.

It is a paid software but the download is free with minimum days of free trail.

  1. Audacity

Audacity is unbelievably easy and light audio editing software. It supports basic music production tools such as recording, sound effects and much more. This Digital Audio Workstation- DAW is the most suited for the ones who primarily use Garageband for quick audio edits.

It is quite obvious that Audacity being a free software lacks most of the advanced features that any premium music production software would offer. Nonetheless, Audacity is the best free quick edition DAW.

  1. Soundation Studio

Soundation Studio is yet another programs like GarageBand that offers powerful music production and all this for free. The major highlight of Soundation Studio is that you can even use this software online to make music at a go.

Soundation Studio is loaded with audio tools such as recording, automation, loop library and also holds virtual instruments library. The cloud sync comes in handy in many situations. The application is also integrated with an online shop that lets you purchase ready-to-assemble music loops, sound patches, etc.

Though the access and production are free, Soundation Studio also offers a premium account that holds premium sound library. You can always access the free library housing over 700 sounds and loops. A ready preview is also available before the purchase of premium sounds. It is a quick alternative to GarageBand Alternative For Windows and also a freeware.

  1. Mixcraft

Mixcraft has gone through various stages of popularity. With the introduction of Mixcraft versions 7 and 8, the developers of Mixcraft have done a splendid job. Mixcraft, now, is quite similar to GarageBand for that it has a similar sound machine and a decent User Interface. The very size of the sound library that Mixcraft offers is akin to what GarageBand offers. They several third-party plugins to incorporate into your music production. The best part is that you can also edit videos with Mixcraft.

Mixcraft version 8, is the latest, has an ultra-fast sound engine, enabling advanced audio and MIDI routing, and Audio Control. It is designed well to keep music production in mind as it also houses live performance panel recording, various submixes, a grouping of tracks option, and much more.

Mixcraft 8 is free to download and you can upgrade it to PRO version by purchasing a valid license from Mixcraft itself.

  1. LMMS

Yet another free open source Digital Audio Workstation is LMMS. LMMS is available for Windows as well as Apple devices.

The application has easy controls, light interface but a powerful audio workstation. Some of its features such as sequencing, audio mix, audio effects, automation, fine-tuning of audio, Piano Roll editor, etc. are impeccable for a free software like this. LMMS also grants access to various musical instruments sound patches.

Apart from music production from scratch, LMMS allows you to simply drag and edit external audio files conveniently. With pre-loaded effects, MIDI features, LMMS is all set to be a decent alternative to GarageBand.

  1. Maschine

Maschine is produced by Native Instruments. Maschine is not a very popular Digital Audio Workstation mainly because of its heavy pricing for the software license. Whereas, Maschine has every feature to replace even the top performing DAW available in the market. It offers live recording and midi input. The perfect and pristine sound loops that come with the software is worth every penny spent on it.

Maschine is a groove-based production system which means that it is best to use the software with MIDI input. The major drawback is its steep pricing which the company is unlikely to bring it down as it looks to cater only the professionals and entry-level artists.

  1. Ableton Live

Ableton Live is an excellent alternative to GarageBand as it is ideal for live performance recording, real-time edits, nonlinear editing while live recording, with several flexible performance options. It is the best music production tool for live performers and artists. The latest live looping effects and revamped MIDI gives this software a fresh look from the rest of premium DAW.

Ableton is not a new entrant to the market and has been active for the last two decades. Hence it becomes the obvious choice for artists. With revamped look after two decades of success, Ableton Live is now more appealing to the beginners and looking to cater the budding artists.

Some of the outstanding features of Ableton Live includes- Advanced editing option, Superior color customization on tracks pads during a live performance, visual feedback and much more.

  1. AudioTool

And the last GarageBand alternative on Windows would be AudioTool. AudioTool is a superior music production software that can be even accessed using a web browser. The cloud sync in this software is extremely powerful as it can handle quick transfers of samples, audio loops, etc.

AudioTool opens you to an online community to share your works instantly and gain an appreciation for efforts. Some of the highlighting features of AudioTool are- Instrument sounds, amazing audio effects, good audio rendering output quality. We hope that justice is done in listing out the alternatives of GarageBand on Windows OS.

Unfortunately, there is no Windows version of GarageBand but the above-listed GarageBand alternative can serve the same purpose and might even exceed the user expectations. While some of the listed GarageBand alternatives are easy to way, others may have a difficult user interface. There is an adequate number of video tutorials to address this issue. Have a fun time exploring it all!

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