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Download Xcode for windows: The present digital age and digital life are ushered using mobile applications of different functionalities. iOS applications are widely accepted globally, and the number is only increasing day after day with more and more developers sharing their intellect in the form of end-user applications.

In such a scenario, it is imperative for iOS application to be built on any computer platform such as Windows, Linux and not only be restricted to Mac OS. It is made possible using an SDK called XCode. Xcode is essentially an application providing a conducive environment for iOS codes to develop, thereby incorporating advanced programming tools specifically for Mac OS. While XCode is not the only way through which iOS apps can be developed but XCode is certainly the most reliable way of developing iOS applications. Hence, download XCode for Windows becomes a popular search result on search engines for several iOS developers using Windows OS.

How to Get XCode for Windows

download xcode for windows

The following section comprises of features of XCode followed by its system requirement in order to run XCode on Windows 7 or higher. Later, instructions on how to get XCode on Windows are explained in 11 brief steps. The entire presentation that focuses on download XCode for Windows, as well as its installation procedures, is complemented with three other non-conventional way to build iOS applications on Windows PC.

Features of XCode

You will realize that XCode download for Windows is a useful option after going through the below stated XCode features. The listed features may also help you understand more about the application of XCode.

  • Easy to code and develop apps for iOS devices.
  • Also, engage in developing games for iOS rather than simple utility application.
  • XCode provides Test Flight platform for application testing.
  • XCode incorporates stability in your application coding and provides quick fix solution to any error.
  • It provides a device-specific testing platform such as particular testing for iPhone, iPad, etc.
  • Enables graphical edit option.

System Requirements To Download XCode For Windows 10/8/7

For downloading and installing the compatible version of XCode for Windows 10, one must valid credentials of the following system requirements in one’s laptop or desktop computer.

  1. Requires system with Dual-Core Intel processor CPU or higher
  2. System must possess a minimum RAM size of 2GB (Usually 4 GB or higher capacity RAM is preferred)
  3. Capable of Hardware Virtualization
  4. Requires software application such as VMware or VirtualBox that can run Mac OS X.
  5. A working/active Apple ID in order to download XCode package.

It is utmost important to ensure that you have a functional Mac OS X virtual machine since the method used here involves installation of VirtualBox for using XCode on Windows.

Alternatively, a copy of VirtualBox can be obtained free of cost as it is an open source application.

Steps to Install XCode For Windows 10

It is important to strictly adhere to the below-mentioned steps to successfully download and install XCode on Windows device.

For Creating Virtual Machine:

Steps to Install XCode For Windows 10 - For Creating Virtual Machine:

  1. Download virtual machine applications such as VMware or VirtualBox which are compatible on Windows OS version 7 and above. Make sure to download it from the official source or any other trusted source only.
  2. Next, proceed to download Mac OS X as an ISO file.
  3. To create a virtual machine on VirtualBox, open the application and click on Create New.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions and select the appropriate options such as MAC OSX version, RAM capacity of your Windows PC.
  5. Next step is to create a specific type of virtual hard drive. In the same Virtual Box window, select the most suited VirtualBox Disk Image or VDI as the intended virtual hard drive file.
  6. Now think of the already download Mac OS X ISO file. Load it onto the virtually created hard drive by following: Settings > Storage > Load iso File > Click Ok > Start
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions for the process to get completed.

For XCode:

Steps to Install XCode For Windows 10 - For Xcode

  1. Use any internet browser to open the Apple App store. Enter a valid login credential to continue further.
  2. Make a quick search to download XCode For Windows 10/8/7 using the search box. Choose the most appropriate search result and proceed to download.
  3. Once it is downloaded and installed, open the XCode application.
  4. Enter valid credentials to complete the process.

Alternate Cool Ways To Build iOS Apps Using XCode on Windows 

While creating virtual machines on Windows PC to run Mac OS is a conventional way to build iOS applications, there are also other cool ways to do the same. Refer to the below mentioned tips:

  1. You can “rent” a Mac on various avenues such as MacInCloud, VirtualMacOSX, XCodeClub. “Rent” a Mac simply means accessing a Mac OS along with XCode package remotely via a cloud solution using a Windows PC.
  2. There are resources such as, Hackintosh Subreddit, Hackintosh Articles on which assists you to build iOS applications using XCode.
  3. Make use of third-party solutions such as React Native, Xamarin, PhoneGap, etc. Essentially, XCode is not used here. You can still create an iOS application on Windows device using such third-party solutions.

The above ways provide only a brief introduction to various other methods to build an iOS application. Further refinement in understanding more on such methods can be done extensively by using the already existing information on the internet.

Of course, this may not be a complete article on explaining detailly the process involved building an iOS application using XCode on Windows PC but certainly, it is an article that will make things clear on how to proceed next. This tutorial requires you to do certain things on your own by doing an extensive internet search. Rest, if the reader is a professional developer, the reader will be able to develop on the mentioned hints and make a meaningful iOS application out of it.

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