How To Download Periscope For PC and Laptop Windows

Periscope for pc: Periscope is an interesting mobile application that allows live video streaming. It has been developed by Twitter Inc., and it has gained instant popularity right from its date of release. The broadcast of videos is made even simpler with Periscope app. The application is widely accepted on iOS platform as well as Android platform.

Periscope has attained global attention and presence. You may notice its icon each time you login to your Twitter account to tweet something. Pressing this icon lets you live stream directly to your followers.

Several users want to download Periscope for PC so that they can use it on their Windows devices. But on a disappointing note, Periscope is not available on Windows PC or any other computer platform. It was designed to be mobile application and still continues to be this way.

Much to the users’ relief, easy ways on how to download Periscope for Windows PC and laptop will be discussed in the following sections. Also, there shall be a discussion on quick hacks to save Periscope videos for offline use on Windows PC. Following it would be a small section on some of the highlight features of Periscope.

Download Periscope for PC and Laptop

Download Periscope For Windows, Pc and Mac

Though the official version of the Periscope for computers and laptop may not be available, there are easy ways to enable or use the software on your desktop computer or laptop.

Some simple ways such as Android/iOS emulator is made use to run Periscope on Windows PC. The following sections contain a detailed procedure to run Periscope on any Windows laptop/desktop computer.

Talking about the emulators, it is a software program that allows Android/iOS only compatible apps to run on Windows computer/laptop. In recent years, several developers have released their version of emulators for Windows device. The choices are unlimited, but our recommendation is Bluestacks (Best android emulator for Windows PC)or iPandian iOS emulator. Both are equally good, and it is up to the users choice whether one likes to go with the Android version of Periscope or the iOS version of Periscope mobile application.

Adhering to the following steps is essential for the completion of this tutorial on how to download Periscope for Windows PC and laptop:

  1. A quick search on the internet will lead you the official download page of the Android/iOS emulator. Download these emulators for free.
  2. Locate the downloaded file and double-click on it for the automatic installation process to begin.
  3. Restart your computer if necessary or directly begin with opening the newly installed application.
  4. The emulator will have a search bar which is to be used while searching for a new application. In case, it is the Periscope Android application or Periscope iOS version that needs to be searched and installed.

[In Android Emulator, you may find two apps by the name Periscope. Go with the first application in the search result.]

  1. Once installed, go to all apps Menu > Open the application.
  2. Your tutorial on download and installation of Periscope on Windows laptop is now complete.

Quick Hacks To Download Periscope Videos On PC

Download Periscope For Pc, Windows, Mac

 By following the below given simple hacks, you can watch Periscope on PC as well as download the same on your PC/computer for later use. This part of the application may not otherwise as there is no official version of software available for any platform of computer/laptop.

Hack#1 Download or Save Video On iOS Device / Android :

  • For iOS:

QuickTime is a powerful application developed by Apple for a variety of multimedia purposes. Go through the below steps to save Periscope videos on iOS or Mac device.

  1. Connect your iPhone with Mac using a compatible USB cable. Give required permissions as and when connected.
  2. Open the QuickTime software tool.
  3. Go to File menu and then select the option- new movie record.
  4. Move to the arrow beside the Record button. From the drop-down section, select iPhone as your microphone and camera option.
  5. Once you are ready to record, open the Periscope application and select the required options for broadcasts and replays.
  6. After the recording is finished, use the export option from the File menu to save the video progress.
  • For Android:

A similar method can be adopted using an Android device. Here, Scopedown application for Android is best suited to save Periscope videos.

  1. To begin saving Periscope videos, you will have a video and click on the share broadcast button.
  2. Then, copy the video URL and paste it into the download tab.
  3. The download link will be generated in no time.

Hack#2 Using Screen Capture Software

Filmora is the best suited and widely accepted screen capture application, especially for saving the Periscope videos. Being a professional tool, Filmora allows unlimited recording time with several video edit features.

Similarly, for Android, DU Recorder is the most compatible screen recorder. It seamlessly records Periscope videos in the background so that you can view it some later time offline.

Both the applications are for beginner purposes. Hence there is no special mention of detailed procedure to begin recording. Following the simple on-screen instruction and commands, one may easily download/save Periscope videos for Windows.

Features of Periscope For PC / Windows / Mac

Periscope for Windows application provides a wide range of features such as:

  1. Socialization: It allows you to meet new people based on your Twitter network.
  2. Sharing Video: Quick public sharing of broadcast video is possible. Alternatively, you may also privately share videos to selected friends.
  3. Social share: One step share on Twitter is made available.
  4. Go Live instantaneously: Your friends network will get instant notification whenever you go live.
  5. Enhanced Privacy Setting: Take full control of your privacy settings such as managing notifications, sharing options, follow requests, etc.
  6. Replay function: Your followers can now view your live streaming session anytime with this option.
  7. Open comments: Viewers of your live stream will be able to comment and send love emojis during your live streaming sessions.

The scope of Periscope is much beyond the present discussion, but it is also imperative to stick to the topic of the present discussion. Therefore, download Periscope for PC and make the best out of the application using the ways as mentioned earlier.

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