Download iMessage for PC, Windows [Updated Guide]

In this article, You will find the updated guide on iMessage for PC. iMessage is the flagship messaging service developed by Apple Inc. The application has millions of loyal users around the globe. With the rise in interoperability and the need for a variety of services, the users keep shifting to various platforms for the best services each platform offers. It is due to this frequent shifting that sometimes the usage of your favourite application gets barred on another platform. One such classic example is iMessage.

How to Get iMessage on Windows PC

How to Use iMessage on Windows PC

It is a frequent query of many iOS users on how to use iMessage on Windows PC. An attempt has been made in the following article to introduce you to the various steps available for using iMessage on Windows.

During the initial years, it was not possible to download iMessage for Windows but after the popularity and large audience of the application has made it possible third-party creators to enable iMessage for non-iOS users.

Top 5 Ways to Download iMessage for PC

Download iMessage for PCIt is now possible to download iMessage for PC using the mentioned methods and techniques. The below-mentioned methods and techniques are tested and works completely fine according to your usage pattern. Now you can enjoy iMessage on Windows 7 or higher versions of Windows OS.

  • Using iMessage on Windows PC through Chrome Remote Desktop

iMessage for Windows 10 is a reality with Chrome Remote Desktop. This step is suitable for those who own Windows PC as well as a Mac PC by some chance. It is advised to adhere to the following the steps to use iMessage on your Windows laptop/PC.

As mentioned, it is required to have a functional Windows PC and a Mac device with iMessage installed on it.

  1. Google Chrome Remote Desktop is the key software here. It must be ensured that Remote Desktop is downloaded and installed on both Mac as well as Windows PC.
  2. Now open Google Chrome Remote Desktop on both the devices and follow the on-screen instructions to establish a successful connection between the two devices.
  3. You are almost done. Open iMessage on Mac device and this will instead be cast on your Windows PC for your convenience.

iMessage on Windows PC through Chrome Remote Desktop

This trick may not be useful for many users for a simple fact that it is not usual to find a single individual using both Windows as well as a Mac PCs. Hence, stay tuned and scroll down for more steps to use iMessage on Windows PC.

  • Making Use Of iPadian Emulator

While the market is flooded with iOS emulators, it is advisable to make use of iPadian 2 as it is regarded the best iOS emulator for Windows PC. Emulators allow the users to get the iOS feel on any non-iOS devices.

Use Of iPadian Emulator to download imessage for pc

Follow the below steps to use iMessage on other non-iOS devices.

  1. Download the iPadian Emulator from its official source or any trusted internet source.
  2. Now, install the .exe of iPandian on any non-iOS or a Windows computer.
  3. Accept the terms and conditions while installing.
  4. The emulator must be functional by now and you should proceed to run it on your PC.
  5. Do a quick search, “iMessage” using the search bar.
  6. Download iMessage for Windows.
  7. After installing the same, run the iMessage app using iPandian and start messaging.
  • Download iMessage for PC Via Bluestacks

iMessage being a product of Apple has gained so much of popularity not only among the iOS users but also among the Android users. Hence, to run iMessage on Windows PC, making use of an Android emulator like Bluestacks becomes a necessity and also it is one of many ways to run iMessage on Windows device.

Follow the below steps to run iMessage using Bluestacks Emulator on a Windows device.

  1. Download Bluestacks Android emulator on any compatible Windows computer.(you may use this link)
  2. Installation of Bluestacks requires no special attention and should be carried on like other software installations.
  3. Once done, open Bluestacks and search for “ïMessage” using the search bar.
  4. Continue with download and installation of iMessage Android App.
  5. Enjoy the power of iMessage on Windows.
  • Try Jailbreaking Your iOS Device

Jailbreaking a device is a complex and a risky process. But the benefits of doing so is unlimited. This will allow you to access your iOS from a remote location.

use Cydia to jailbreak your iOS device.

Follow the below steps to Jailbreak your iOS device:

  1. Use an external application called Cydia to jailbreak your iOS device.
  2. At this point, a minimum payment of $4 towards Remote Messages service of Cydia is required.
  3. It will set up a web-based interface between your phone and the application.
  4. Thus, your phone can be remotely controlled using this web-based interface via your phone’s IP.

By remote access, we mean, you can use your iPhone on any Windows laptop/desktop. Though the procedure may seem complex, the end result is pleasing.

  • Download iMessages for Windows Using PieMessage Application

Developed by Eric Chee, PieMessage is an Android Application. This android application allows you to run iMessage on android device. This can later be cast or accessed using Windows PC.

Unless Apple Inc. releases its own cross-functional and operable platform for running iMessage on non-iOS or Windows devices, it is convenient to stick to any one of the above-mentioned methods to run iMessage application on Windows.

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