How to Download Hotstar Videos on Android and PC

Guide on how to download videos from hotstar on Android and PC. Online video streaming apps are now the eye candies for millennial netizens, but an associated drawback is the fact that most such services do not allow downloading of the videos for offline viewing. But where there is a will, there is a way and this article will provide you the ways you can download Hotstar videos on Android devices.

Hotstar is a popular digital and mobile entertainment platform owned by Star India. It was established in February 2015 before the ICC Cricket World Cup in India and initially was just a website. Now, Hotstar has its own app for both Android and iOS and streams online videos for TV shows and movies. It is easier for people to use Hotstar in India as it is cost effective. Hotstar’s offering has expanded to 65,000 hours of content and now streams videos of entertainment, sports, and movie channels owned by Star India in 8 different languages. The gargantuan rise in its consumption shows how increasingly online streaming became popular among the present day users of the Internet.

But, as is the case with every human creation- it is not guaranteed against imperfections. Hotstar also is not spared from imperfections per se. The gradual upscaling of the internet in the Indian demography has allowed Hotstar to forget India’s insidious love affair with slow connections. Despite the onset of Jio in India, many users still do not get an optimum speed on their smartphone devices that might make video streaming on Hotstar a seamless experience. Hotstar, on the other hand, does not support slow internet connections. Therefore, rather than having the provision to reserve videos for viewing as per one’s own convenience, one has to instead wait for his internet connection to stream videos. This is precisely the reason why we have curated this article which educates you about how to download Hotstar videos on Android devices.

How to Download Hotstar Videos on Android

There are two different approaches to download videos on Hotstar for viewing as per your convenience. One follows the conventional norms where the downloading procedure is officially done from the Hotstar app itself. The other, however, challenges the conventions and finds a way around where you can take full control of the downloading procedure without depending on Hotstar or its properties.

Continue reading, in order to be able to download Hotstar videos on android with ease.

Following Conventional Norms of Downloading Hotstar Videos from Hotstar


The step does not involve extra efforts and allows you to stay well within your comfort zone. Once your internet is strong you can download the video from this method and replay it for multiple times as per your convenience, irrespective of your data connection strength.


This method is only available for a selected amount of videos in Hotstar. For this, you might have to browse through the entire library and check which video content you are eligible to avail the download of. Furthermore, the video file is not directly saved to your device so that you can copy it and paste it in any other device as per your liking.

Following the same mechanism as YouTube, the downloaded video in this method is saved inside the Hotstar app itself, and not as a separate file on your smartphone device. Therefore, replication or duplication stands as a valid problem.

Furthermore, there is an added hassle of creating a profile and signing in or up to Hotstar’s database of identities to be able to save videos for offline viewing.

If you feel that such a method is uninteresting or inefficient, worry not since we always have a backdoor operation for such methods. More about that later, let us first understand how to download Hotstar videos on android from it official app itself.

Steps to follow : How to Download Hotstar Videos on Android

Though there are multiple apps available on the Play Store or App Story (if you are an iPhone user), it would be of your best interest to not deviate and use any other application than the official Hotstar app itself.

Also remember, this method does not ensure the download of all your favorite content. Hotstar, due to its personal business interests only lets a predetermined list of contents to be allowed for offline viewership.

Now follow the steps mentioned below to access your favorite content across entertainment, sports, movies, and other categorizations.

  • Visit Google Play, and download the official Hotstar app. If you are already using your smartphone to access this article, here is the download link for your convenience-
  • After the due download procedure is complete, your device will undertake automatic initiation of installation.
  • After the installation procedure is complete, open the app and log into your account
    • This goes without saying that you will have to create an account if you do not already have an account in Hotstar.
    • The account creation process is pretty standard. You can sign in either from your Facebook, Gmail or other email accounts.
  • Now that you have completed the necessary preliminary steps, you must allow Hotstar necessary permissions as- accessing your device’s location etc.
  • Following the completion of the above step, you will be redirected to the Hotstar app home-page.
  • Here you can browse your intended content from the massive array of content that Hotstar streams.
  • However, as we have mentioned before, your intended content may or may not be allowed for offline viewing by Hotstar. If it is, you are in luck. If it is not, skip to the next section in this article.
  • Once you open a video that you intend to download, there will be a download icon provided above the video’s description (this is subject to the previous condition- i.e. Hotstar’s selection of allowed offline viewing videos)
  • If the download icon is available, select it and there will be a menu of facilitated quality of download. Select the one which is best fit for you from the list and your video is ready for download.

The above technique on how to download Hotstar videos on Android, however, saves your video in the Hotstar app as a fetched file and cannot be stored in your phone memory or transferred to any other devices (PC, pen-drive etc.) If you want the option of being able to transfer it to another device for storage and not solely depend on Hotstar follow this smart suggestion given below:

The additional way to make the video accessible across all devices:

This step will require you to use a PC.

YouTube now has different software that allows downloading of the YouTube videos is specific file formats to your device. However, Hotstar does not have a dedicated Hotstar video downloader even as third-party software.

However, there is still an easy way. All you need to do is to convert the fetched file of the Hotstar video into the conventional file formats of video on your device.

To do this-

  • First, access from your PC browser. is an online tool that seamlessly converts fetch files into the conventional file formats.
  • On another tab, open the Hotstar and from there access the video you want to download.
  • Copy the video link of your intended video and paste it on and press download.
  • Your video will be successfully downloaded in your selected file format (from among the available formats- i.e. mp4, webcam, audio or 3gp).
  • There are also multiple quality categories for the download, including premium qualities like- 480p, HD, Full HD and UltraHD

Download Videos using an Android Emulator on PC or Mac

If you are of the kind who fancies the usage of an android emulator on your PC and have used it extensively before, you know what we are talking about. If you are not, and you still want to try and innovate procedure, come aboard.

Windows 7 (or more) users and Mac users can emulate an android device on their PCs or Macs using Bluestacks. To do so you need to download the Bluestacks emulator first from their official website here-

Once you have downloaded the Bluestacks emulator, follow these few steps and you will be good to go!-

  • Install Bluestacks on your PC (or Mac)
  • After completion of the installation process, open Bluestacks. You will necessarily find a home page with a catalog of different android applications much in the same layout as Play Store itself. Search for the Hotstar app and download it on your device.
  • After you have successfully downloaded the Hotstar app, you will find that you can use Hotstar on your PC as you would on an Android smartphone.
  • Now, follow the steps as you would download videos on your android device and you would have access to the video for offline viewing from your PC too.

Conclusive note:

The recent rise of online video streaming platforms in the forms of Hotstar, Netflix or Jio TV. There is a considerable disruption in how the modern day audience perceive and access content and this trend are only likely to change with changing times. However, there will always be considerable policing (successful or unsuccessful is another debate altogether) in how we access content in order to prevent piracy. Despite having provided ways around the security, we would still like to urge the reader to stay as far away from piracy as possible and adhere to normal laws. It gets difficult sometimes, but at the end of the argument, there is always a conscience that must govern the better of our actions. Hope you got the answer for download hotstar videos on Android. Check techofier for more tutorial, Thanks!

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