Best Online Jobs for College Students 2018 – Make 15-25$/Hour

College guys are often looking for online jobs for college students. There are innumerable ways for the college students to make money online quickly. If you are a college student and want to earn money, then this article is for you because here we will be talkinbout the online jobs for college students without investment. All the online jobs for students which we will be mentioning here in this article are trusted and legitimate ones. These online part time jobs for students are easy, and one can start without any investment. Also, you do not need any college degree or an experience certificate for joining any of these legit online jobs for college students. You just need to spend few hours on the Internet and earn more than 15000 INR ($200) per month.

Most of the college students are looking for legit online jobs, and you might be one of them. And there is even nothing wrong is thinking about earning money through online in your free time. The good news is that there are numerous online jobs for college students 2018 which do pay well.

Also, there are genuine as well as legit online jobs for college students which are simple and easy to do. The best thing about these online jobs is that you need not pay a penny for them. Though these part-time jobs for college students won’t make you rich but they are worth to generate money for fulfilling your needs. What we people learn from our life is that ‘do the work which we love.’

20+ Free Online Jobs for Students without Investment

Online Jobs for College Students

If you are searching for the online jobs for college students without the investment of 2018, then this article is just for you. Here we have discussed the best tested and tried ways for earning money online. We all are well aware of the importance of Internet which is not only the best place for gaining knowledge but even the best way for generating money. Making money is really fun and once to become addicted to it, you won’t ever look back again to waste your time on useless Facebook chats and YouTube videos.

Advantages of Doing Online Jobs

  • Don’t need special skills
  • Don’t have to be a prolific writer
  • Make money in spare time
  • Part-time jobs from home without investment
  • Buy your own stuff with your own money
  • Develop social and communication skills
  • Finding better job opportunities after completing college

Making money as a college student is a skill which is really helpful after coming out of a college. These skills actually help in becoming a better person.

Numerous students search for part-time jobs during their spare time or holidays. Finding an ideal job which doesn’t affect the studies is an art. We have some online jobs ideas for students which are considered to be the best idea for them.

Useful Tips While Finding Legit Online Jobs for College Students

  • While finding the online jobs for students, you need to be careful while selecting the website. It is the best choice to go for reliable online job providers who provide the best online jobs for the college students. You can work without any investments.
  • While searching for the part time jobs for college students and applying to them, do remember to setup the email job alerts for future references. This significantly helps in applying as soon as the jobs are posted on the websites
  • While applying for the online jobs for students 2018, be careful about the scams. Just choose a reliable website and don’t provide your private information including the credit card number.

The Internet is considered to be a major hub for extra income source and making money online. This is one of the reasons behind increasing internet users. Also, the internet is a perfect place for earning money easily with online jobs for college students online jobs for college students. Finding the part-time jobs for college students is fun because it gives them a real life experience and is considered to be one of the best ideas for them.

Best Online Jobs for College Students 2018

Best Free Online Jobs for College Students without Investment

  1. Data Entry

The data entry job is one of the easiest online jobs for college students 2018. The students can start These jobs without any experience or investment. The students need to enter the data as per the requirement, and you get the money after the validation of the job. You can consider visiting HEA Employment or Clickworker for online data entry jobs.

I am sure you have heard this job one or the other way. Data entry is an easy work from home jobs for college students from where you can easily earn money. Now these aren’t one such job that will pay you huge. You can make anywhere from between $5-$15 per hour depending upon the task you take. But this is also a fact that you will not need any hardcore skills to outperform others.

Okay that there are lots of persons working on this particular task but then again the amount of data entry is so large that you don’t actually have to worry about the competition or the limited amount of work available as it is huge. You can start with some of these sites for Data Entry Jobs:

  • DionData Solutions
  • Clickworker
  1. Job Survey

If you are a college student, then you can earn money through online survey jobs. You need to be really careful while choosing a website for job surveys because most of the websites are running a scam. To earn money, the students need to complete multiple surveys. They pay the money after you reach the payout limit.

You can visit the Online Paid Survey Sites like:

  • Inboxdollars
  • Clixsense
  1. Ad Clicking (PTC)

Students can also earn money online by the Ad clicking jobs. The students need to visit the PTC job sites for making money through Ad clicking jobs. These websites pay for clicking and viewing the ads. This is the reason Ad clicking is considered the easiest work from home jobs for college students. Though these sites pay very low, this is considered to be one of the most legit online jobs for college students.

Here is a list of PTC (Paid to Click) sites:

  • Neobux
  • Clixsense
  • GPTPlanet
  1. mTurk – No Investment Jobs for Students

If you have an interest in mechanical tasks, then you can earn money by completing tasks. These tasks including converting the documents, writing emails, typing documents, making presentations and much more. These part-time jobs for college students are only available on the

These part-time jobs for college students are only available on the mTurk websites like Rapid Worker, The payout for these online part time jobs for college students varies.

  1. Fiverr

If you love creativity and have a creative mind, then you can earn money through Fiverr online jobs. It offers digital services and minimum payout for the job is $5. The jobs which are offered through Fiverr include promoting websites, logo designs, whiteboard, marketing services and much more. The students just need to register using their email ID on Fiverr and get started with their journey.

  1. Search Engine Evaluator

When we talked about the fact of online jobs for college students without investment, Search Engine Evaluator is one such job. From this particular work, I have seen my fellow geeks earning $15/hourpretty easily. Now how is that, let me tell you in brief.

Search Engines like Google, Bing have their own algorithms to provide the result for a particular search being made. But many times you will see wrong results being shown or results which are nowhere near what one wanted to see. At such a time, Search Engine Evaluators come into play. You can get this work from sites like:

  • SEO Clerks
  1. Content Writing

There are numerous bloggers online finding creative and fresh writing talents for their daily writing tasks. This made content writing one of the best part-time jobs for college students. Because the students can work from their home and offer content writing services to various online websites.

If you are good with writing and have one of those editorial skills, Freelance content writing is one the great online jobs for students. Depending upon the time you have you can provide the content to all those bloggers, web developers who are in need of them. One of the highest paid job in this list. You can easily accomplish that by providing high-quality content and trust me, once you have your clients happy from you. You can easily charge up to $50 for each article you write.

Bloggers very well know that Content is the King in their business and they actually cannot go awry with that fact. You can be a writer on a particular genre or can try proof-reading and cope-editing. Whatever suits you the best. You can start this job by looking for clients in websites like-

  • Up work
  • Freelancer
  • SimplyHired

Or can try and make connections and earn from it.

  1. Social Media Manager

It’s an absolute big time when we process a huge number of hours on Social Media. And what if I give you a designation of Social Media Manager for one of those social networks? Sounds cool, right? Social Media Manager is one such online job for college students from where you can earn up to $50 every hour. Let me here give you a glimpse on how to get started?

All you need to do for starters is pick one such Social Media which appeals you. You can always go with Facebook, but for the professionals, they usually look for managing LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Not just this, if you have some exceptional writing and marketing skills you can always go with Pinterest and Facebook as well. There are many small and medium size companies who are opening each day, and they just might want someone like you with great media presence who can help them sell a sweet spot on the Media network.

There is no designated site for this particular work, though you can log in to some of the micro freelancing, the information about which I have given in point 10, the best case scenario will be- pick your favorite social media and search for the ones who just might need you. You can start with Periscope app and Snapchat if you wish too.

  1. Google AdSense

If you can invest your time in online advertising, then you can generate money from Google AdSense. It is a pay per click program. And you need to have a blog or website to earn money through Google AdSense because you need to place the advertisements for the same. You need to have a little patience as it requires your time. You can make around $100 to $5000 on an average.

  1. Online Virtual Assistant

According to us, the online virtual assistant is one of the best part-time jobs for college students because it is a work of an online secretary. The students need to do multiple tasks like organizing events, managing the clients, sending appointments, and making phone calls, arranging meetings and much more. Though it is a difficult job, the best thing is that you have to work from home. The best websites where you can find work as an online virtual assistant includes Indeed, virtual and idea.

Virtual Assistant is another very much alike work than that of Virtual Recruiter. Now you might be looking at doing the work only of recruiting as a Recruiter, but in a Virtual Assistant, you are more of an all rounder. You will not just be restricted to a portion of work rather, will be said to do a lot. The pay as a VA varies according to the task that you are being appointed to.

Not just this you can always pick your work by assisting others getting their online jobs. This is one of the most famous thingies incorporated currently by all the Virtual Assistants. Now as there are more and more online jobs coming up, this particular work is getting highly demanded.

Three of the best sites from where you can get your Virtual Assistant jobs are:

  • Work at Home Mom (which is btw not just for moms!)
    • VA
  1. Crossword Puzzle Writer

Though it might sound like an odd job choice, but this online job can help you in becoming more organized and creative. And also, if you are looking for an easy-going job which can stimulate your mind intellectually, then work as a crossword puzzle writer can even help you in making a potential career as well.

  1. Video Game Tester

If you are a tech-savvy college student who spends their money on playing online video games, then become a video game tester online. Most of the video game creators look out for people who can help them in testing the video games before putting them on the market. It is one of the fun online jobs for college students which helps in improving their IT skills and pays well too.

The college students can generate money through various online jobs along with their studying and educational activities. There are some online jobs for college students which are genuine and legit. These jobs are on a lookout for the skilled people to hire them as freelancers, especially the one who can complete the tasks on time. If a college student decides to work online in their spare time without affecting their studies, then it is a positive sign showing that the student wants to get independent. Nowadays, the education expenses are quite high. Thus it is a great option to get an online job in order to minimize the burden off your parents.

  1. Virtual Recruiter

This is again one of those online jobs can be done by students which can easily make you earn from $15-25 per hour. At this stage when all the teens and college goings are looking for online part time jobs for students as a means to earn. Using this way, you can put your skills to work. Skills of managing, recruiting and helping others to find a job when in reality you are doing the same for you.

Virtual Recruiter is an outstanding online job for students but can help them in a great way as the experience one gets while in this field is exceptional. This sort of work not just can help you earn on an hourly basis, but if you get a good connection you might also get appointed as an intern. Mostly a free-lance work, you can always start today from finding a person who needs one like you from LinkedIn or some other social network. But yes, LinkedIn will surely be the best one. In case, LinkedIn doesn’t work for you; you can go ahead with the following sites:

  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • SimplyHired
  • WhyDoWork
  • CareerBuilder
  1. Article Writing Jobs

Article writing job is similar to content writing. So, if you are good at writing articles, then you can work as an article writer. There are a lot of business owners and companies who looks for hiring the writers for content writing. Even there are a number of websites where the students can submit their articles on websites like:

  • iWriter
  • and much more.
  1. Blogging

One of the best online work for college students is blogging which gives you the freedom to work according to your own likes and interests. It is like your own business where no one can force you to work. You just have to invest a little amount of money to get a website, or you can even start your first blog at a blogger with free hosting and subdomain. Though it is one of the part-time jobs for college students, You can convert it into a full-time profession as well.

I will definitely not say that this is one such part time jobs for college students which you can do side by side. One or the other way, it takes time but can help you earn huge. In the list of internet jobs for students 2017, I am keeping it on the Lucky Seven spot, only because of this fact. If you get lucky, Niche Blogging is great.

Now for this, there is, of Course, no limited pay so I cannot provide the stats for that. I will also not say that this one such job which will go without investment as you might have to pay some bucks getting your domain and hosting service. You might also want a writer who is, by the way, other points to earn on my list. But given all that Niche Blogging can be a perfect pursuit of happiness and for money making.

Now I cannot definitely cover all the points on how to earn via blogging. But if you search online you will get some Guide to start a blog and start earning.

Make it a serious issue as you can earn loads from it.

  1. YouTube Channel

One of the best ways for earning online without investment is to create your YouTube channel. You just have to upload the videos associated with your own interests. For instance, if you are an expert in electronic things, then you can make videos on problem solving and much more. Also, you can ask for incorporating the ads to your videos which can generate money for you on every click.

  1. Sell Stock Photography

Sell Stock Photography is considered to be one of the best part-time jobs for college students because they just have to sell their own photography. If you are a good photographer, then you just have to click few amazing pictures and sell them to those who are looking for similar photos. You can help them by uploading the pictures clicked by you on istockphoto from where they can download, and you get the money in reward.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a simple way to earn money online by selling the products of other people. It gives a commission to a person per sale. Though this online job looks simple, but you need to do little hard work for it.

You can sell the products at Clickbank or JVzoo and earn money as a commission. There are a number of strategies to follow in order to become a successful affiliate marketer.

  1. Online Tutoring

This is one of those online jobs without investment for students which not only helps you in earning but also creates a good knowledge bank within you. Now the pay for this task can easily vary from $15-$40 per hour very easily. You might also have heard about home-school programs. You can easily join one of them.

There is a huge scope of earning and you don’t have to invest anything. The only thing that will be required is the genuine skills and knowledge about the subject. Now if you are worried that you are not good at academics but can teach well. Then also you have an option of tutoring others on the extracurricular activities. You can always go with online piano or guitar lessonscooking lessons and so on.

There are numerous websites which provide the students with online tutoring facilities. The students who are interested in teaching can join for free and teach to other students from their home without any investment. This helps in earning money. Even you can provide the consultancy services to the students. You can easily join one of them:

  • TutorsWeb
  • WizIQ
  • TutorCity.In
  • Tutor India and much more

And you can always create your own tutorials and publish them on YouTube or as a course on Udemy or Skillshare.

  1. Resume Writing Job

Resume Writer is one of the best online jobs for college students because it is quite a simple, yet a crucial job to help people writing their resumes. It is one of the easiest as well as the well paid online jobs for students. The average payout for this job is near $15-$25 per hour. The competition for this job is tough, so you needn’t be disheartened if you face unanswered applications.

The websites which offer resume writer are as below: WriterBay or ResumeEdge. The task of a resume writer is one of the best jobs for college students as it helps them in enhancing their skills which can help them after their completion of studies. So, The job of a resume writer is one of the best online jobs as it helps them in enhancing their skills which can help them after their completion of studies.

Resume Writing is a great work from home jobs for college students, from where you can help other college students and professionals build their resumes. Now there is a faint argument regarding the best out there that if you are the one, building resumes, you should always be perfect in it.

Each and every person thinks of generating an additional income by working as a part-time employee. Most of the people are interested in doing online jobs because they are considered to be one of the best ways for earning money easily by working from home. But the question arises that from where do we find the genuine and legit online jobs and how to work with them?  We have mentioned the online jobs for college students in this article which does pay well.

Writing someone’s resumes is quite an accomplished job in itself. But as far as I am concerned, you can start with this particular job and then slowly learn from it. There you will again encounter a problem, and that will be a huge competition. You might also get so many unanswered applications, but you need not worry. Time will tell you how to handle with that. And slowly earning like $15-20 will be very easy for you. You can get help in this field by following two sites:

  • ResumeEdge
  • WriterBay
  1. Micro- Freelancing

When we talk about part time jobs for college students, Micro-Freelancing is one of the most famous and widely accepted ones. With numerous sites, working and providing work in this genre, getting work here is pretty easy. You can be a good writer, designer, Editor, singer, DJ, VJ, blogger, or any service provider. You will get a job easily done using this freelancing site. Now on the above points, I made some additional job titles like Social Media Manager, Virtual Recruiter or Virtual Assistant but that was mostly because of the fact that these jobs got famous. But they come in the field of micro-freelancing only.

Apart from the above mentioned, you can be a transcriptionist, a data entry provider, a power point slide developer; you can get the work done here. Not just that work but you can also work on GigbucksandTenBux where the tasks range from $5 to $50. Also, you can get started with Fiverr, but let me warn you there many sites out there who works and provides online jobs for students 2018 but what you earn from them are far more less. So beware that you ae actually valuing your time.

Some of the sites you can work with are:

  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • Zirtual
  • People Per Hour
  • SimplyHired
  • WhyDoWork
  • Tigerfish


The online jobs for college students are an excellent choice for students to utilize their spare time in something valuable. This actually helps in turning the boring time into an excitement and fun-loving which can even get them success. Also, the online jobs can help the college students in making their career race as a bright one. So, All the jobs we have mentioned in this article are the best work from home jobs for college students to earn money online. You can even share your method of earning money online. It would be an excellent choice for you all to pick any of the above online jobs to get all the benefits.

So, this was a whopping list to earn money online as the simplest work from jobs for students. The payment you get might be varied from work to work, but what you get actually from doing these sort of work is not just money but also the experience. Pick your favorite and join the one, and then let us know how the job turned out for you. Happy Earning!

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