Best iOS Emulators for Windows PC

Best ios emulators for PC (Windows): Let us come to terms with one basic reality- irrespective of all the features in a windows laptop, and all the unending array of updates, it does get redundant to use the same platform over and over. And once or twice, we (who know that such a facility exists) have come across the thought of using an iPhone emulator for pc.

It becomes even more tedious for users who have an asymmetric choice of Windows laptops (or PCs) and iPhones since there is no solid congruity between the two platforms. If you have such issues or any other issue which is in relation to the context. Look no further than this article!

In this article, we will provide you with an encompassing detail on why to use iOS emulators for pc, their functionalities, and where you will find the best iOS emulators for Windows.

Why You need an iOS emulator for PC:

best ios emulators for windows pc

The reasons that you are looking for an iOS emulator for windows can be manifold. Maybe you are a user who is just done with the redundancy of the same platform layout and want implementation based changes in the way you regularly use your Windows PC. Or maybe you are one of those unconventional users who prefer a Windows PC’s integration of facilities (game based or otherwise) but prefers the simple yet secure demeanor of an iPhone and the simultaneous look and feel of the iOS. Or maybe you are compelled to use a few of iPhone’s exclusive applications that you cannot get over with and want them to be easily accessible through your Windows pc too.

All said and done, one must note that data or file transfer from an iPhone to a Windows pc, or the other way round is a tedious affair. It may even seem that the two platforms are at loggerheads with each other considering the time and energy it drains off you to perform simple cross-platform actions.

You might also be a developer looking to test iOS apps on your Windows-based PC or want to merely use your PC to enable iOS based games.

Enter iOS emulators for PC, a resolution to all your problems of using iOS-based applications on non iOS PCs. If you are in two minds about whether they are safe alternative for your windows device or not, it will be best for you to understand their mechanism before you make a decision in haste. Here is how they function-

How iOS emulators for Windows function:

Emulators are virtual programs that enable your PC to replicate an iOS platform on your device and enable you to access iOS-based applications. The cross platform function that happens due to the replication of iOS platforms on your Windows device happens through what we call a “virtualization technology”. The virtualization technology decodes the intended platform’s functions over to your device and creates a virtual machine which helps you utilize or open applications that are exclusive to the intended platform.

There are no general risks associated with the process. However, one must always be careful during making tweaks to their device’s software.

How is an emulator different from a simulator?

Best iOS emulators for PC

If you have heard both the terms- ‘emulator’ and ‘simulator’, then it is only natural to raise your eyebrows. Though both have the same basic framework wherein they try to create a virtual machine that allows replication of another platform, an emulator is slightly more advanced than a simulator.

While emulators also create a copy of the hardware, simulators do not. That establishes itself as a crucial difference between why emulators can allow the usage of more apps of the other (or intended) platform than its simulation counterpart.

There is a wide range of emulators that are crafted for a wide range of platforms (including mobile platforms)- Windows, iOS, Android, Mac etc.

Our list of iOS emulators for windows contains solutions to use iOS applications on your PC. Choose from this vast buffet of the best iOS emulators for windows and choose one that suits your taste or preference. The greatest perk that remains, however, is that most of these are free and hence do not weigh down your budget.

List of the Best iOS emulators for PC:

The best iOS emulator for PC is rather hard to come by. Our list therefore, has one for every preference.

Best iOS emulator for windows PC


With an uncomplicated interface and a simple to understand dynamic layout, can easily be considered the best iOS emulator for Windows which is both effective and simple.

The usage of this software feels like a breeze. The software performs its functions by storing uploaded app source files in its cloud server. When the cloud server is accessed through your device, it initiates auto-management of download and installation of the app files onto your device (which you used to access the files stored in the cloud). All you have to do to start using iOS apps on your PC is:

  • Upload the iOS.appi bundle to the cloud servers
  • Sync the cloud server to your intended device (in which you want to use the designated iOS app)
  • The software will auto-manage download and installations of new uploaded applications

And that is all the effort you have to do. is perfect for laid-back users who do not want performance-intensive functions and would rather let the software perform the necessary functions in between. However, the only limitation of this software is that it is only free for a 7 days’ trial period.

However, for other users who doubt the efficiency of an automated software or want long-term benefits, there are more ways provided below.

2. MobiOne Studio

The MobiOne Studio is a software that targets cross-platform app developers. If you are one of them, it might just be your go-to solution. All the apps in this software are based on Html5 pages and can be run anywhere and therefore is compatible across multiple devices, even Android.

This not only allows you to run iOS apps on other platforms but also furthers its forte towards building status notifications on your Windows PC enabling customizations and obtain status reports of the apps you have downloaded.

Another satisfying feature is that it works both ways- meaning that it allows you to run Android applications on your Windows PC, as efficiently as it runs iOS apps.


This is an upgrade of sorts to the previously mentioned software. The basic functionalities are the same. However, the only point of difference is that it is more fast and efficient.

But there, of course, is a catch. The software is free only for the first 100 minutes, after which its services become chargeable at $0.05 each minute. Though this might look minimal on the surface, it sure does become a problem for ones who are looking for free solutions.

4. iPadian

This power packed, highly customizable beauty is a one-stop shop for all your cross-platform iOS app usage problems.

Available in both free and paid forms, this software does not replicate and rather duplicates the experience of using iOS into your Windows PC. It incorporates all major iOS utilities (including iMessages and even Siri) and makes you feel like you own a Mac.

An added bonus is its brilliant user interface, which is both effective and soothing on the eye. This one has a clear layout and enables the App Store on your PC so that you can download iOS apps and use them. It also provides many other advanced features that may not be available in other software of the same category.

However, the only shortcoming (if you’d like to call it one) is the fact that it is only meant to serve as an iPhone emulator for PC and does not extend the same features for android apps.

Though the paid version comes for a plausible one-time investment of $10, the free version is almost as effective as the paid alternative and might suffice your needs. Get iPadian from

5. Nintendo 3DS Emulator

Following the lines of the popular gaming console Nintendo 3Ds- launched in 2010, the Nintendo 3DS emulator was launched to make games of 3DS playable across devices that operate on other platforms. A notable feature of the 3DS gaming console was that it provided stereoscopic 3D effects without the use of 3D glasses or additional accessories.

If 3DS gaming is your primary target, rest assured that there is no better alternative than this tiny capsule of power and performance that can deliver you, your desired results.

6. iPad Simulator

If you ever salivated at the thought of an iPad and still could not afford it, this might just be the best budget solution to tune into the experience without wasting a buck on the same.This iPad emulator for PC is extremely convenient given the fact that it can be found as an extension to your Google Chrome browser.

The software provides you with a virtual iPad screen that allows you to perform basic functions on the iPad, as well as access Siri or even connect to the internet. What’s more, it can also help you create customized apps in no time. You can also set it up as a wallpaper.

The software proves to be quite the entertaining asset that it claims to be.

7. iPhone Simulator

The iPhone simulator may not perform intensive functions, but if you are a developer wanting to test a foundation stage cross-platform app, or identify errors in your app development procedure, the simulator works just fine.

Though completely free, this app, however, is no dunce since it has certain features you would be impressed with. For example- the app allows you a virtual simulation of an iPhone, where you can tweak settings and utilize basic applications in an extremely aesthetic and user-friendly view.

8. AIR iPhone

The AIR iPhone is a downgrade from or but is completely free. Like the iPhone simulator, however, it upholds a virtualized copy of an iPhone with previously downloaded features. However, to use advanced features, you need to redress your device’s hardware (which you might not be keen on).

This app is best for use if you want to try the experience of an iPhone on a basic curiosity level and therefore are reluctant to adhere to a data-intensive software.

9. Xamarin Testflight

If you, however, are the one that prefers premium features than freebies and uphold quality over the cost then this $25 offering is the best for your bill.

This paid software is extremely user-friendly. But that is not all- it enables you to use advanced features and the usage feels like a cakewalk.

All you have to do is just install the software on your device and you are ready to go!

10. Smartface

As the name suggests, Smartface is an iOS emulator for PC which does what it is named for- smartly design cross platforms. With its target focus on developers, it is a comprehensive solution to the ones who do not like to compromise on their work quality.

More than an emulator, the software positions itself as a mobility management platform which is packed with features. While the free version also sports unlimited usage, the paid version (starting at a whooping $99) encompasses further features which are of crucial importance if you want to develop an impeccable iOS cross-platform application.

11. Ripple

Like the previous software, Ripple is also targeted towards developers and testers but has grown to an ever-increasing prominence due to its comprehensive features and beautiful graphic design.

Furthermore, it is an official Google Chrome extension and therefore does not look like a cheap alternative to iPhone too. It is primarily used in testing and development of applications.

12. iDos

This particular software provides a satisfying functionality of being an emulator. However, there is an associated risk of using this software. Since quite some time, the software has not been updated for bugs and software risks and hence looks like a service beyond its years.

Therefore, this is only suggested as a last resort alternative to avoid risks.

13. Xamarin

Sounding the same way as a previous option (i.e. Testflight) this software, however, is only for serious developers to cross platform compatibility of native iOS apps on Windows.

However, if your objective is to leverage the entertainment quotient of using iOS on your Windows PC, you might want to refrain from it.

14. Electric Mobile Studio

This is one among the premium software that charges the users, but gives functionalities that are value for money. The Electric Mobile Studio has a bunch of loyalists who believe that the software provides features enough to balance the money paid for it.

So, if your aim is to get premium features and you do not mind spending that extra buck on quality, this is a good consideration.

15. iMAME

iMAME is the app for regular inquisitors. It is for the ones who are not interested (or don’t operate in the domain of) cross-platform app development but still doesn’t want to miss out on the byte-sized yet comprehensive features that you would want to find in an emulator.

iMAME is advantageous in the sense that it allows access to most applications and games which are built for iOS 9 onwards.


The above list of suggestions encompasses everyone’s specific usage preferences and accordingly upholds the features. We hope that you have found iOS emulators for PC that suits your bidding. For further tips and tweaks, read on our other articles. Check for more Tech Tutorials and Updates.

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