Best Free Graphic Design Software for Beginners

With advanced computing devices commercially available for domestic use, it is natural for its allied application to rise up. One such interesting and entertaining application is digital Graphic Designing. The following sections are dedicated to best free graphic design software that is equally suitable for beginners as well professional use. A concluding verdict on the discussed software is also mentioned at last.

You can get many free online graphic design software on the internet, but here in this blog, We have created a list of Best graphic design software for Mac and Windows. As a Beginners You can learn all tools and make yourself eligible to use advanced pro graphic design programs. All these graphic design softwares are free to use, and you can create best Designs.

 List of Best Free Graphic Design Software 2017

Best Free Graphic design Software

GIMP is the most preferred graphic design software for beginners as it is the best freeware replica of Adobe Photoshop. GIMP is another wise called GNU Image Manipulation Program. This graphics software is best suited for quick photo retouching, image signature, image composition, freehand cropping, etc.

GIMP is available on several platforms such as Linux, Mac OS, Windows and also in multiple languages. It is cross-platform graphic design program that incorporated the sufficient tools for beginner graphic designer, entry-level illustrator, photo editor. Also, GIMP supports several third-party plugins which makes it even more productive. It for all the above reasons that GIMP is regarded as the dependable graphic design software.


Svg edit - best graphic design software free

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics and is a graphics format that renders XML shapes just like a JPEG or GIF image on a web browser.

SVG-Edit is also a free online graphic design software. The program is coded in CSS3, JavaScript and HTML5 and the application provide editing as well modifying the entire code. This software has tools that are best suited for vector graphics designing in two dimensions.


paint. net

Paint.NET smells like a nostalgia. It might not be the perfect graphics editing software, but it had basic tools and functionality of the best graphic design software. Now that Microsoft has stopped its support for Paint.NET, it is still the most preferred free graphics editor software.

The application in its entirety is interactive and pretty much responsive, especially the versions of Windows 7. You make the most out of this software with plenty of online tutorials and forum discussions on its functionalities and features.


Infogram -Free online graphic design software

Infogram as a graphics application software is unique. It allows you to create and simultaneously upload the created infographics on the internet. It also allows unlimited access to a wide variety of charts, maps, graphics to create a cool infographic that may be later inserted in your presentation. The best part of all is that it is a free graphic design software.

Two of its most exciting features are:

  1. Simple User Interface providing easy drag and drop feature.
  2. Share your Infograph on the go using its powerful sharing option


picasa - best free drawing software

Picasa is arguably the best photo editor by Google. It manages the photo library pretty well. Lately, Picasa has started its online editor service that lets you create graphics and other things for free.

Picasa houses in five basic steps to completely edit a graphics and convert the same into any desired format such as jpeg, png, gif, etc. The application allows the users to perform edit functions like resize, re-touch, color adjustment, redraw, fix red-eye effect, manual crop and much more.

Sadly, Google has retired Picasa and replaced it with Google Photos which is equivalently smart.

Daz Studio

Daz Studio - graphic design software for beginners

A proper graphic design assignment would consist of illustrations, animations, and 3d object-figures. Daz Studio is one such graphic design software for free. The application provides tools to create clear digital graphics. To improve the software’s  productivity, knowing to make the best use of it is essential. Hence, choose a subject beforehand and manage all the accessories to create the desired graphics.

Daz Studio is widely used for book cover design, human model creation, comic illustration, customizing 3D characters and other graphic design applications. - graphic design software free is one of the lightest graphic design application. It allows you to create and share your infographics online. All the features are fully available for free, and the developer is surviving on its popularity. The software shares close resemblances to SlideShare, Scribd and provides a good alternative to Photoshop, Tableau in order to create quick infographics


Infographics add life to any kind of presentation. To create an infographic, a lot of graphical representations and designs need to be incorporated. One easy way to do is using which is a free graphic design software. With it, you can create interactive graphic designs for your presentation.

Though the software is a bit complicated for beginners, one may get used to its complexity in due course of time. Unlike other freeware applications, provides the quality rendering of graphics. Like most other applications, it allows easy and quick sharing of created Infographics on the internet.

Xara Xtreme

Xara Xtreme - best free graphic design software

Xara Xtreme is a new entrant to the graphics design software market. The developers of this application are quite relieved with the application’s initial response and instant popularity. It is also one of the fast growing inclusive graphic design software that is available for free. The software works smoothly on a web browser or in a stand-by mode.

Some of the highlight features are:

  1. Very responsive and fast to operate graphics software.
  2. Easy and simple User Interface for quick learning
  3. Supports creation of an extensive variety of graphics.
  4. Ready to view tutorials and learning guides are available for it.


Canva - simple graphic design software

Canva is the go-to graphics design software for mac. It is equally suitable for professional as well as a beginner graphics illustrator. This application is also completely free to use.

Canva software provides simple and friendly User Interface thereby enabling beginners to easily pick up the art of graphic design. A fine treat for professional users is in the form of advanced editing expert filters. Canva is by far the best alternative to paid versions of Adobe Photoshop or the likes of it. You can also create professional infographics or ad pictures using it.

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The rendering of graphics, the draw tool, the edit tool, etc. are built for professionals and beginners can take equal opportunities to hone their skills. The developers of Canva has done a fine job by creating an equal mix of professional and beginner features such that their popularity always remains high.

Google developers

Graphics design and infographics seem simple with the help of the Google developers. It allows you to source data from a different path and inserts charts on to the web page directly. The application is fully free of cost and works online. The software houses some powerful graphics editing tools. Apart from publishing your created graphics on the web page, you also choose to convert it into an image that could be exported to some other application.


Sculptris- Best Graphic design program

The name Sculptris signifies the software’s applicability. Sculptris is developed by Pixologic studio who are also the creators of the famous graphics modeling application software ZBrush. Sculptris is best suited for 3D graphics modeling and application alike. The software’s algorithm is based on the dynamic topology of blender which allows users to create a great amount of depth in their character model without segmenting it at the first place. Any changes made to the project file gets saved as a unique project extension which can be later exported into standard image formats.

No doubt Scultris is for professionals as well beginners who want quality graphics modeling output.


Sumopaint - Graphic design software for beginners

Sumopaint is free web-based graphics and online image editor. This online-based editor is packed with basic tools required for standard graphics designing. Using this software requires updated web browser supporting the latest version of Flash player. Thus, one can not use Sumopaint in much older versions of Windows and non-supporting web browsers. The basic tools like brushes of varying sizes, clone tools and likes of it can be accessed using the floating toolbar, pretty much borrowing the User Interface of Photoshop. This online web-based graphic design software allows you to create as well as edit previously saved documents. There is a caveat to its usage policy, and the application is not completely free as the user is required to pay an additional 19 dollars for its pro version.

Active Pixels

Active Pixels - Graphic design tool

Active Pixels is one of the upcoming popular graphic design software of 2017. Much has been copied rather based on the algorithm of Adobe Photoshop right from its features as well as editing tools. Adding to its strong features are some of the special effects packages that give this software its uniqueness.Active Pixels can accommodate images of any size and can very well optimize it according to the user requirements. Where the developers have worked smartly on its algorithm and back-end application, they have failed to provide a good User Interface and some cases, the available filters seem to be basic in the application.

Photo Pos Lite

Photo Pos Lite - online Graphic design software free

Photo Pos Lite is the free version of the award-winning graphics editor Photo Pos Pro. This version is much lighter yet houses almost all the features of the latter.

Some of the tools and functions offered by this Lite version is of superior quality and is usually seen in premium designer software. Apart from supporting a wide variety of image formats across all major platforms, Photos Pos Lite supports password protect documents. Also, importing images from Scanner or a digital camera is a lot easier with its extract interface.


Paintstar - free online graphic design software

If you are looking for a multi-purpose graphics design software, then your search must end on Paintstar graphic design software. Some of its multiple functionalities include retouching of photos, signature on an image, correcting image composition, cropping of image and morphing, also allows screen capture.

Paintstar is specifically designed to run on computers powered running on Windows OS. The application houses edit tools such as scaling, rotating, object shear, object flip, and image wrap. It also provides incredible zooming capacity ranging from 10%-2000% along with grid support.


Artweaver - graphic design software for beginners

Artweaver is a freeware that is compatible to run on Windows OS. Some of its creative and unique feature tools include artistic brushes that come in varying sizes and shapes, simple User Interface housing a powerful core.

Using Artweaver requires no special training as it is designed to be user-friendly and for the beginners. The software runs on updated versions of Windows 7 and above.

SPRAY Vector Generator

SPRAY Vector Generator - free graphic design software

Vector generation is a complex task, and this software does it with an ease. Spray Vector Generator is regarded as the best graphic design software for more than one reason. Vector designing is done via object creation using Spray and the created object is further fed to advanced software such as Corel Draw, Xara or Adobe Photoshop.

This software houses a simple User Interface that enables clipboard functionality for easy object creation. Much of the features are borrowed from Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw.

VCW VicMan’s Photo Editor

VCW VicMan’s Photo Editor software free

VCW VicMan’s is free photo editor and a graphic design software. The developers have taken care of the finest details and as a result, this software is quite interactive with a user-friendly interface, quick customization, and editing options.

Also importing photos from the digital camera is made easy with this software and in minutes you can add magical effects on your digital photos. This software is regarded as one of the top free graphics design softwares of 2017. Apart from supporting a wide file image formats, it houses special filters to make editing experience even more lively.


DrawPlus is much under-rated drawing software. In our opinion, it has to be the best free drawing software as it produces the best output with no compromise in drawings and graphics quality. The creator of DrawPlus also offers an upgraded version of the same that houses extra vectors for object creation, a variety of drawing tools, and features for creating graphics and animation. Though a not so very popular software, DrawPlus has surely topped our testing standards.


Karbon is simple yet effective vector drawing software that allows you to create objects for cross-platform customization and extension. Karbon is extremely simple to use and it is targeted at the beginner level audience in graphics designing. The beginners can make use of available vector designs or choose to customize it, thereby making it one of the useful software for graphic design.

Free Online Graphic Design Software For Mac / Windows

Smooth Draw

True to its name, Smooth Draw is very light as well cross-functional across all major platforms. The software is an effective freehand tool which enables best free drawing experience. Smooth Draw is best suited on tablet as it facilitates best free strokes.

Being a limited free version software, it is equally effective on any platform. The recent major changes made in this software has enabled its popularity to soar high as it houses new features like cross-hair brush cursor, extensive editing tools and much more.


If you are looking for graphic design software exclusively for Mac, then your search should ideally end on Pencil. Apart from Mac, it is also supported by Linux and Windows OS. Pencil software allows freehand stroke and creation of 2D animation objects. The software is completely free to use.


Insight Point provides vector drawing with a simple and lucid user interface. The customisation of objects is made convenient and easy. Being a free graphic design software, it provides multiple vector programming. Also, this software supported on Windows as well as Linux.

MAGIX Xtreme Photo Designer

This software is an extremely powerful photo editor and processed the images very quickly. It houses in sophisticated tools for edit and other processes. The filters are so realistic that it is now voted as one of the most interactive graphics design software for the year 2017.


Inkscape is a vector design software that allows the creation of 3D objects. It is complicated as well as easy to use, both at the same time. Being an open-source vector graphic software like Inkscape has its own perks. It allows for cross-functionality and smooth transition. It is for this reason that Inkscape is voted as one of the best software of the year 2017. Much of its functionalities resemblances that of Xara R, Illustrator.


Blender is a well-known graphics designing software brand. It is also the best free graphic design software for the year 2017. Being an open-source 3D graphics creator, Blender is free of cost and is extremely cross-functional on almost all platforms.

Blender is a wholesome package that will keep the beginners as well as the professionals engaged in graphics designing. The most highlighting feature is its grease pencil stroke that improves sculpting as well as the workflow. Download and install this software for completely free and with no unwanted terms and conditions.


K-3D is an upcoming free graphic design software. Its applicability lies in 3D surface modeling and creating object animation. K-3D is quite versatile in the package as it allows plug-in oriented engine for content generation. Thus, Along with dynamic packaging and standard design tools, K-3D is set to be the next popular graphic designing software.


As the name suggests, TouchArt has a smooth workflow. It provides a variety of animation sampler in 2D as well as 3D. The software gives the entire control to the user during object creation which enables in better lighting, texture, motion editing. Arguably, TouchArt is near to perfect graphic design software for the year 2017.

3D Plus 2

3D Plus2 deserves mention in our list of free graphic design software because of its standard features and cross-functionality. Though no feature in it is out of the box, every feature has high rated functionality.

Google Sketch Up

It was the much talked about project of Google when they launched Sketch Up for the first time. After it’s initial disappointment, Google loaded the updated versions with many useful features. Google Sketch Up soon set to become the most suited software for academic as well as professional use.

3D Canvas

3D Canvas is unique for the fact that it is a real-time 3D modeling and animation tool. The software comes in varying versions- free, pro and plus. As the name suggests, one is free and the other two are paid versions. The software also allows for complex modeling with the help of complex tools. The software runs on updated versions of Windows 7 and above.

Anim Pixels

Anim Pixels is a freeware that is useful for 2D and 3D graphics animations. It allows to create our own movie sequence and further enables to explore the user’s creativity with efficient workflow design.


Synfig is a commercial and industrial use vector generation software. In order to expand its market, the creators have made it available for free for domestic use. The software is for 2D object generation. Many feature films and animation works have been made possible with Synfig.

Final Verdict

Having successfully listed the currently available best free graphic design software, it is the time to give our final verdict on a few major software.

It is advised to analysis the purpose of your usage before selecting out the best graphics software to install. If you are a beginner and is looking to learn drawing and graphics designing, then you should probably use Google SketchUp or GIMP. If you are looking for some professional content generation, then software like Xara, Sculptris, Blender should be your first choice.

Our verdict by no means is to put other software in a disadvantaged position rather it is to guide readers in making a wise choice depending on their usage pattern.

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