Top 8 Free Beat Making Software for Windows and Mac

Music production and beat making is a revolution in inculcating one’s creativity owing to the digital enhancements. The following article attempts to end your search for the best free beat making software for Windows & Mac, and further guides you in deciding the suitable beat making software application.

Best Free Beat Making Software

List of Best Beat Making Software Free For 2017

There are lots of Music Production softwares available on Web, But here we are providing a List of Best Beat Making Software for Free.

  1. Audacity

Audacity is unbelievably easy and light audio editing and free beat maker software. It supports basic music production tools such as drum kit, recording, sound effects and much more. Audacity is also known as Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) and is the most suited free version music production for the beginners who are interested in quick audio edits.

How to Use Audacity? Here it is!

On the drawback, it is least expected to reproduce advanced features of any premium beat making software. However, Audacity is packed with some of the highlighting features as mentioned below:

  • Live recording possible using a primary or a secondary microphone.
  • Enables audio playback while recording multiple tracks.
  • Audio output in mono or stereo.
  • Export the project file into popular formats such as WAV, AIFF, FLAC, MP2, MP3 files.
  • Work deck is simple with basic edit tools.
  • Supports multiple speed or pitch recording.
  • Available on all platforms such as Mac, Windows, GNU/Linux
  1. Soundation Studio

Soundation Studio is yet another program that allows digital beat making. It is a powerful music production and available as the best beat making software free version application. The highlighting feature of Soundation Studio is its online music making. Here you can make beats from scratch online and requires no special dedicated program to be installed separately on your computer.

Soundation Studio is sufficiently housed with audio producing tools such as live recording, sound automation, extensive audio track library including virtual drum kits and other virtual instruments. With its powerful online sync via the cloud, online music making is just a click away. The software also supports online shop from where premium loop tracks can be purchased.

Soundation Studio offers the support of premium account apart from an extensive library of over 700 sound loops. A pre-purchase preview is available in premium accounts to test the loops before it is purchased.

  1. GarageBand

GarageBand is the best beat making software that is quite famous on Mac OS devices. Many alternatives of GarageBand have tried to replace its market position but has failed in doing so every time. With its realistic sound loops, latest virtual drum kits and loops, GarageBand is the natural bargain for producing top-notch beats quickly.

GarageBand- Free Beat making software for Mac

GarageBand is the most successful music production application running on Mac/iOS devices. But You can also look for Best GarageBand Alternative For Windows. which are useful as Beatmaker.

Some of the highlighting features of GarageBand are mentioned as below:

  • Virtual session drummer takes a cue from the user’s directions and plays realistic beats accordingly.
  • Huge accommodative capacity with up to 255 tracks.
  • Flex Time feature allows easy and swift change of recording time.
  • The application supports multi-touch gestures that could be easily integrated other Apple devices.
  • Also supports multi-take live recording.
  • Supports only Mac OS.
  1. FL Studio

The most easily available and distinctly powerful is Fruit Loops Studio or FL Studio. It is known for its best beat making software free application. The attractive features of the application include robust MIDI functionality, Audio Automation and incorporating interactive and workable User Interface.

FL Studio is much powerful in its premium account key, but several cracks are available for free online. It is a near to perfect beat making software application with emphasis on easy to learn music production for beginners. The support of several third-party plugins makes it a complete beat production packages.

The sounds of virtual instruments are realistic and pristine. FL Studio allows the user to sequence the tracks using the Piano roll and Step Sequencer. These features are the most highlighting feature of all. It provides a simple visual cue while recording music or producing the beats from scratch. Apart from virtual instruments, the in-house sound patches can be easily added to your music.

Even though FL Studio is priced at 99 dollars, several hacks are available online to make it free. However, it is always for the recommended to go for original version as it avoids the risk of being vulnerable to external attacks.

  1. Ardour

Ardour is a digital audio workstation and is the one of the best free beat making software available in the market. Some of the highlighting features of Ardour are mentioned as below:

Ardour- Best beat making software for Professionals

  • Enables MIDI recording and quick audio editing.
  • Audio automation plugins enable quality sound loops integration.
  • The created files are seamlessly synced to your online account.
  • Supports video timeline output.
  • The application is best suited for Linux and OS X devices.
  1. Drumbox

The name of the software is enough to identify itself as drum sound sequencer and beyond. Some of the features of this beat making application are mentioned as below:

  • Supports multiple pattern oriented beats. The beat sequence ranges from the count of 16, 32 and so on.
  • Turning on the automatic composer unit will automatically set the desired audio ports on and sequence the song according to default set parameters.
  • The virtual drum kits are the main highlights here. All three basic functionality such as import, create, edit and export are available.
  • A special feature such as Soft Synth allows the application to generate sound loops with analog signals. These signals can be FM modulated.
  • Runs on different platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux devices.
  1. DarkWave Studio

DarkWave Studio comes with a tabbed user interface that enables easy music production. Some of the features of this beat making application are mentioned as below:

Unlimited virtual instruments support along with exclusives sound effects library.

Requires multi-core processor with a full 64-bit double precision audio processing to get the maximum out of the application.

Quality audio output formats.

Suitable for all Windows Platform such as Windows XP or higher.

  1. Mixxx

Mixxx is an apt DJ mixing software that enables quality beat making and music production. This application is suitable for indoor application such a house DJ applications. Some of the features of this beat making application are mentioned as below:

Mixxx - Free Beat maker Software

  • Smooth and swift integration with iTunes.
  • Robust MIDI connectivity support.
  • Multiple decks for powerful DJ quality mixing application.
  • Runs on platforms such as Mac and Windows OS.
  1. LMMS

LMMS is yet another free open source Digital Audio Workstation. LMMS, apart from editing external audio files, allows beat making from the scratch. It is available on both Windows as well as Apple devices.

The application has lighter controls, simple user interface and houses powerful audio engine for beat making. Some of its features include MIDI functionalities, audio automation, sequencing, multiple audio track blending, quality sound effects, and patches. Its Piano Roll editor is much suitable for beginners. The software also houses a variety of virtual instrument sounds and drum kits that make a good value addition to your beat making.

Free Beat Making Software for Mac and PC 2017

Here are the top 8 free beat making software running across platforms such as Linux, iOS, Windows. It is recommended to note the system requirements and platform compatibility before installing the application. While all the mentioned softwares are top rated in their category, one should choose according to their requirements. There are certain softwares that offer premium service with minimal payment. It is recommended to purchase the original license from the legitimate vendor to escape from the external vulnerabilities. Enjoy the music production and beat making session!

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