Best Android Emulators For Windows 10 / PC

The search for the best Android Emulator for Windows 10 should ideally come to an end after going through the entire write-up. The present write-up provides a compilation of the top 15 Android Emulators for Windows as well Mac OS devices.

An Android emulator is a software program that provides an exact replication of working of Android software on a Windows PC or a Mac PC. Suitable hardware optimization and screen adjustments are made by the emulator to make the Android application run as a Windows application.

Working of An Android Emulator on Windows PC

Best Android Emulators for PC

Android Emulators for PC is designed to optimally run android applications on other platforms such as Windows or Mac OS. The emulation has both domestic as well as commercial interests. There is an equal number of clients for both the applications. Commercial application of emulation of Android apps is concentrated on testing and developing Android apps before it is published. On the other hand, the domestic application is concerned with running Android games and user productivity applications on personal computers for the sake of convenience.

Emulation involves optimization of hardware controls, screen resolution, compatibility with the versions of Android to that of Windows or Mac versions. Any android emulator for PC in the market would typically provide support to over 99% of Android applications available on the Play Store. But the important points of discourse between the best android emulator for PC and an ordinary Android emulator for PC would be its support to multiple versions of Android at once, memory consumption and simple user interface.

Top 15 Android Emulators For PC

  1. Bluestacks Android Emulator

how to use bluestacks android emulator on pc

Bluestacks needs no introduction as it is the most popular Android Emulator for Windows PC. Every third blogger or any tutorial related to the Android application on Windows PC will recommend Bluestacks Android Emulator on your Windows 7/8/10. It has always remained on top charts, and with no doubt, it is topping our list of best Android Emulators on Windows 2017.

Bluestacks is now known as Bluestacks 3 in its latest 2017 edition. It also runs perfectly on Mac OS devices as well. The success of this emulator is mainly due to its simple user interface and memory usage capacity. However, the latest update does not provide a clean experience. Bluestacks 3 on Windows and Mac PC is highly recommended for Android games. For using other applications of Android, it is recommended to shift to another Android emulator as we can afford to be spoilt with choices.

The high affinity of Bluestacks towards Android games is because it can support nearly 97% of gaming application available on Google Play Store. Bluestacks allows direct downloading and installing of applications. Some pre-requisite before using Bluestacks on your PC should be to ensure the 2GB RAM capacity and free ROM space over 4GB. And most importantly, the application is free of cost for lifetime.

  1. Droid4X Android Emulator

Droid4X Android Emulator for windows pc

Droid4x is a free android emulator for Windows 7/8/10 PC. It has simple designs and best categorized as a classic Android emulator that can run on both Windows and Mac OS. Therefore, it would provide great support for Android games and applications.

Off late, the company has stopped releasing upgrades to the emulator, and it severely affects the stability of the application in the market. Nonetheless, as long it is a free application, there is absolutely no loss for the end-users even if the company completely choices to withdraw its product from the Play Store.

Droid4X does not require any special system requirements but providing basic prerequisite of 2GB RAM, or higher is essential. It can be run on guest accounts also.

  1. GenyMotion Android Emulator

Download GenyMotion Android Emulator on Pc

It is completely stable to use Android games and other utility applications on Mac PC. GenyMotion Android Emulator supports over 3000 Android configuration of which some are free, and the rest are reserved for paid-use.

The android emulator in discussion allows emulation of over 40 Android devices, unlimited ap installations while providing access to all the Android versions. A lot can be done with the paid desktop version of GenyMotion.

GenyMotion Emulator is targeted for clients who want to test application and games on various devices and versions of Android. Being one of the best android emulator for PC, GenyMotion allows hardware acceleration support, OpenGL support and is built on x86 architecture.

  1. KoPlayer Android Emulator

KoPlayer is an emerging Android emulator that is looking to capture the market by its stable program and interactive design. Being a recent entrant to the market, KoPlayer is highly compatible Android Emulator on Windows 10.

The developers have designed it mainly for Android gaming applications. Key Mapping is made simple with this emulator. Apart from consuming a sizable amount of computer memory, it should remain as a matter of least concern since the application is free.

  1. Andyroid Emulator

Andyroid, or otherwise known as Andy OS is free Android Emulator that allows direct download of your favourite Android applications on the Windows or Mac PC. Andy OS proved to be quite stable while running productivity applications such as Social Media apps, etc., Android games and also suited to run root access when needed.

There may be some installation issues with this emulator. Simple fixes for the same shall be available online. If the problem persists, you can always move out to try another free Android Emulator.

  1. MEmu Android Emulator

MEmu is developed by Microvit Co. Ltd. and offers free android emulation on Windows 7/8/10 PC. MEmu runs smoothly on AMD and Intel chipsets. Apart from this, it also offers support for various versions of Android. Going by its features, it is bound to support a wide range of apps on Play Store.

Maintaining a basic system requirement such as a 2GB RAM or higher, free disk space of 4GB or higher, Windows OS version 7 or higher is desirable for stable functioning of MEmu Android emulator.

  1. WindRoy Android Emulator

WindRoy is a unique piece of application as it runs on Windows Kernal. It provides stability to the program and consumes less memory. WindRoy is also unique because is the oldest Android Emulator for PC. This makes it best suited to work with older versions of Windows OS as well as supports only older versions of Android apps.

The Android emulator in the discussion is completely free to download and use. It even requires basic system configuration before installing it on your Windows devices.

  1. Nox App Player

Nox App Player - free android emulator for Windows 7, 8,10, PC

Nox App Player is an Android emulator for Windows PC and is mainly designed for running Android games on PC. It features in one of the top android emulator categories for the year 2017.

The user interface is clean yet much interactive. It allows touch gesture simulation on Windows PC if the PC hardware supports it. Nox App Player was tested vigorously and found not to be frequently lagging. The gaming options with this emulator are expanded multiple times.

  1. AMIDuOS Android Emulator

AMIDuOS is a partially free Android emulator. Hence it is imperative that it is thoroughly scrutinized before a purchase is made regarding this. It falls under the category of best Android Emulator for Windows 10 because of a wide range of acceptability while emulation. The emulator provides a balanced testing and developer option to test Android application on various other versions. It also supports high-end Android gaming applications on PC.

AMIDuOS is developed by American Megatrends. The product comes with a 30-day trial period beyond which the emulator is chargeable, and the among varies depending on the chosen Android version.

  1. YouWave Android Emulator

YouWave has gained sizeable success in a short span of time. It is one of the best alternatives to the top Android Emulators on Windows PC. It offers a deal of support for light gaming applications and other productivity applications.

YouWave emulator has a popular user interface. It can run smoothly on Windows Vista or higher. Apart from Windows functionalities, it provides good support to Mac OS.

  1. Xamarin Android Emulator

Xamarin Android Emulator - Android emulatos for Pc

Xamarin as an Android Emulator has up its stakes after entering into the top categories of android emulator for PC 2017. The support provided on Windows (32-bit and 64-bit), as well as Mac OS, is laudable. The application as a whole is stable and is capable of supporting millions of app on the Play store. Xamarin is one of the best iOS Emulator for Pc too.

Xamarin runs on x86 atom system that supports OpenGL and hardware acceleration features. The emulator is free for individual and domestic use whereas it is nominally charged for commercial application. Much of its functionalities are comparable to GenyMotion, but Xamarin is little underpowered when it comes to testing applications on PC.

  1. Remix OS Player

Remix OS Player is an Android emulator developed by Jide. It has a refreshing design as well as user experience and is capable to run Android Marshmallow. Being a fairly new program, Remix OS player is simple and easy to use. It was designed in keeping gamers in mind and this it supports almost all the Android games on the Play Store.

Remix OS Player is completely free to download and use. While the functionality is not compromised by letting the application free to use, it completely does not supports PC with AMD processors.

  1. Visual Studio Android Emulator

Visual Studio is a widely accepted product of Microsoft. Visual Studio is a desktop application that provides a separate platform for testing Android applications such as its screen resolution, hardware properties and various stability parameters on a different version of Android. It is designed in such a way that the application running on PC is identical to running on an Android device. Hence, Visual Studio Emulator for Android is essential for developers to test their application before it is published.

  1. LeapDroid Android Emulator

LeapDroid is a Google-owned Android Emulator. It runs as a virtual machine to enable Andriod application on Window PC. Necessary adjustments were made to the previous versions of LeapDroid soon after Google took over the company recently. Now, LeapDroid Android Emulator guarantees support to about 98% of apps on the Play Store.

  1. Jar Of Beans

Jar Of Beans is yet another android emulator for PC. It consumes less of memory space and provides basic emulation techniques on Windows PC.

It is evident by the name that this emulator is compatible with Jelly Beans version of Android. It provides direct download and installation of an Android application on PC. The emulator supports multiple users to access this software and also create Virtual SD Card to maintain their work profile.

How To Download Android Emulator on PC?

Once a fair idea is obtained on the number of free Android Emulators available in the market, one can choose to download the desired Android Emulator on PC.

Follow the below step to download Android Emulator on PC:

  1. Download the desktop version of the desired Android Emulator from the official website or any other trusted source.
  2. Locate the downloaded file using File Explorer and click on it to begin the installation process.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the installation process.

With these simple steps, you can now use any Android application on your Windows or Mac PC.

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