7 Best 10 Minute Mail Alternatives in 2019 for FREE

The first question that arises is why would require a 10 minute mail alternatives? Sometimes it is very likely that you will require a temporary email to work for your more than 10 – 15 minutes or maybe you want to use it like an email that you can give to people, in such cases 10 minute email alternative or similar websites and apps would help you out.

There are many websites that ask you to fill your details along with emails or there are some transactions to be made, in such cases, if you do not wish to use your real email address then you can make use of a temporary email address. It is very convenient to use and takes care of your privacy. It can get you away from spam messages that you receive on official emails.

Best Alternatives to 10 Minute Mail in 2019

Best 10 Minute Mail Alternatives

There are a lot of 10 minute mail alternatives, the most successful and appropriate ones are mentioned below in this list:


Mailinator is known for its reliability as a temporary email provider. You can use the website very easily and it would not take more than a 1 minute for you set an address. If you are not able to settle on any email address then you can also go for their suggestions which are great.

You are free to use a single email address for your own purpose. If you pay some bucks then you will have access to email testing options and enterprise-level volumes of email address.


Maildrop is another alternative to 10 minute mail. It works more or less like Mailinator. It is very quick when it comes to set an email address. You can absolute freedom to choose whichever email address you want. On the other hand, if you are not able to decide it has a number of suggestions for you. It would make use of a specific domain @maildrop.cc which is accepted by most of the online web forms. The best part of this 10minutemail alternative is that it is completely free.


As its name suggest The Fake Mail Generator is an absolutely free disposable email system by bare-bones and does exactly what is shown on the screen. A random email can be created with the use of various different domain names. This can be done in case you do not like the domain name that is automatically generated by the site. No other feature apart from this is available on the website.


Guerrilla Mail is one of best alternative to ten minute email. The website may age back to the 1990s but it certainly a great alternative. It is a temporary email service that is one from the initials. You can use this disposable email address from Guerrilla Mail instead of your regular email address. The email created here always ends with @sharklasers.com! It has a fake inbox that would operate as long as the session remains open. It will give you a lot of suggestions and some domain alternatives.


Dispostable is not something from which you can demand a lot but certainly, it would complete your desired text. It would allow you to create your own email address but should end with @dispostable.com. It does not provide you with name suggestions anymore. The email address generates very fast and you will be able to use it for maximum three days. You just need to type an address and click on ‘check inbox’.


Another in the list of 10minute mail alternatives is getairmail. It is very simple to you and generates a random email address. If you click at ‘get temporary email’ the random inbox is generated. After that, you can change your email the way you like with unique domain names. It is very likely that the first part of address needs to be alternated as it is made of random letters.


Tempmail is another 10 min email alternative which is very simple and Free to use. It would take no time to generate a fake email and immediately present it in the inbox. The left menu available on the website would give various options such as copy the email, refresh the inbox, change the address or delete the address.

If you wish to change the email address you need to click on ‘change’ and then it would ask you to log in. After that select the domain and then click the save.


The working of this alternative to 10minutemail is quite different than the others. First, you have to sign up with your original email and then it would send an email on the address. With the link that it would provide on your email ID you will be able to check, edit or delete your temporary email address.

Final Words on 10 Minute Mail Alternatives

These eight best 10 minute email alternatives are very useful although they are much more available. All of them will fulfill your basic need to create a temporary email address, while some may have restriction with their domains while others may provide you with more advanced options.

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